I love eggs...

I agree with Kero :stuck_out_tongue: At least when I babysit in the future, I’ll not be the one to tell the kids that drying your gloveswith a TOASTER is a bad idea :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, something like that is just logical thinking. The girl was old enough to think that far by herself. Sure she was young, but that doesn’t mean she’s stupid… I wonder what her parents are like?

hmm…explodey eggs.
Ouch. Poor kid, though why would she want to heat a hard boiled egg. That seems sort of gross.

Humanity, as a race, is an intelligent life form. Individual people are dumbasses.

she did Disprove my Signature!!

I don’t know, but you don’t have much room Mrs. I-Somehow-Set-My-Microwave-On-Fire ;p

Microwaves suck anyway. They make food soggy.