I love eggs...

From my head down to my legs…


“The case of a nine-year-old girl who was left temporarily blind after being hit in the face by an exploding egg was highlighted by eye experts.” = Severe pain…ow.

I don’t love eggs that much . . .

I personly love mine Fried or Boil for 3 minutes. I’ve seen that a expoding Egg can take out four other eggs if placed close enough. And that Sulpur Based Gas: Love i…

That stinks! You do NOT want to finish that sentence.

No Big Nutter

They should also throw in a warning about microwaving ice cream. I mean, if it melts and runs up in the microwave, it could explode and kill everyone. And hwile we’re at it, put a factory engraving on the window that says “Warning! Cooked Food Is Hot!”

Gah, morons.

You can’t really expect someone that young to know stuff like that unless they’ve been told. Poor thing…

Parents. That’s what they’re there for. I guess add the statement “Do not operate unless you’re over 18” to the list of things to put on microwaves.

Who the fuck puts eggs in the microwave?

Jing, there were also other cases, not just the kid’s. Her’s was just highlighted.

Why don’t we just fight a war on stupidity instead of a war on terrorism? At least a war on stupidity has some chance of being ended. Just take the safety labels off everything and let nature take it’s course.

Things taste better when they are not microwaved >.>; I don’t do it unless I’m half starved and ready to die ^^

… and eggs are gross. But I feel sorry for the little girl, she got to see again ;.; The poor thing.


Heh…good call. I’ve said that more than once. :mwahaha:

I mean, WHO has to be told not to drive a car with the sunscreen in place?!

We’ll find out when we look in the Darwin Awards, I expect.

Pretty much so anything can explode given the right circumstances.

I don’t have a microwave; and I don’t miss one!


Eggs in a microwave?

Aw damn. I should’ve done that for our senior prank on the last day of school.

I have never cooked or even heated eggs in the microwave, although I have heated foods the main ingredient of which is eggs (quiche, gratin, etc…).

Poor girl. Parents need to tell their children about safety around household appliances.

How about we require people to get a license before they become a parent, so they can teach kids how not to kill and/or maim themselves? (along the lines of a particular Dinosaurs episode)

That sounds kinda funny, but I do feel bad for the girl that got hit in the eye.

If that story about the microwave egg thing is on the Darwin Awards website, the accident is now officially transferred from tragic to funny. Sucks about the girl though, at least the blindness was/is only temporary.