I love Charlemagne!

Physically no doubt :stuck_out_tongue:

Geez, I meant his/her real name.

How can you truly know anyone without knowing their name?

Charlemagne is awesome. He dressed up as a fraggle during Halloween.

Does anybody really ever know anybody?

Please get off the internet.

I love my dear Charles. He is such a great fellow. He was my partner in crime many moons ago in insulting a nazi. Ahh, Good times.

In all honesty, Charle’s always struck me as pretty cool, though I think he’s got a few odd moments. I think if I ever met him, I wouldn’t regret spending whatever money I spent to do so.

Well, since I don’t really know him, I think that the reason I would like to is because he seems to be really cool. :slight_smile:
(And I have a sixth sense for telling which people are cool, so that means he must be. :P)

I know little to nothing about him, but he seems pretty cool.

hey, i know what i like about him, well actually, its kinda a dumb thing, but i like his pessimistic attitude somtimes, its what got me tons of post. And for getting me tons of posts char, i like you.

Bitch needs to print some shirts up and sell them already >=((((

Ya, i want a shirt, so make one already.

Even I know not to make assumptions on the gender area. I always thought Cala was a girl… Until he hit on me.


I only assumed gender once, and he appeared to be a homosexual female.

It was funny, we’d talked about girls for a while first.

Charlemange the reason I keep coming back.

I second the question of how much you were paid.
Also, you’ve never meet him IRL have you? Charl’s cool, and no he will not tell you his real name, but he’s as quiet as hell. Compared to the rest of us that one summer he and Jing didn’t talk above a whisper the whole time.

BTW if you’re reading this thread Charl, we are still on for Go in the fall :ark:

Hey, I hit on guys and girls equally. :stuck_out_tongue:

Charle’s cool, in my book. There’re better people, but he’s still up there.

I’ll try to keep my distance from you, from now on.

clings to Kex aww baby :frowning:

My girlfriend calls me baby.