I love Charlemagne!

Who else here loves Charlemagne? I know I do. Whats your favorite thing about him? I like him for many reasons, he’s hella handsome, and he knows how to make a girl feel good. And he’s funny as hell. Anyway, what do YOU like best about him?

What you said, and his references everyone seems to miss 70% of the time. Such as the simpson reference in his jury- thread. ;-;

Well, i dont hate him, so therefore I have to at least like him a bit. I will eventually post one, i would have to think about this. Theres somthing though, i just have to think really hard.

I like him. Haven’t quite got his jokes in recent times though, but he still cool.

How much did he pay you to say this? :wink:

What’s his name? I always figured he was a she.

Far be in from me to question.

He’s the only guy who’s allowed to open threads and make posts as though he were in the Tower of Babel. I don’t know how he managed this, I can only think he pays those with sexual favors to the admins.

That said, I think he’s a cool, nice guy.

Charl is too cool for words.

He gets on my nerves from time to time, but overall, I think he’s a great guy.

Who is Charlemagne?

Why the King of France of course!

<img src=“http://maccshq.rpgclassics.com/images/macc.gif”> Everybody loves Charle.<font color="#2F528D">…'s mom.</font>

I heard that he has/had a realationship with Jing. I found out painfully…

And Nutter Loves Everyone. But he doesn’t what to sleap with them all.

BN + 2k
Hey, 2k, you’d sleep with most of them…

He is my internet BFF

He’s cool.


Since when?

Since five seconds ago! :smiley:

o_0 Alrighty then.

OH OH! I KNOW! :wave:

Charlemagne, duh.

Not everyone likes Charl.

You should ask “Felipe” how he feels about Charlemagne. And dammit stop using me to kiss Charlemagne’s ass!

I don’t, he smells too much like a several centuries old corpse.

I don’t know this Charlie guy.

But he doesn’t know me either so we’re even.

This has got to be the first thread I have ever seen where Macc posted and nobody went “OMG WTF IT IS MACC I LOVE YOU MACC <3 <3 <3 WHEN IS THE NEXT FARTS MACC MACC MACC!!!”

…until just now of course.