I like!

I’m bored, game time!

Just list things you like, A to Z. I’ll start at A!

A - Art

B - Basketball!

Not this shit again…

C - Cars

D- Doobie Snacks.

E - Elastic fights!

F - Fuc… err… food.

Big Dizzy: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is a good movie.

F - Fu- nah.

A little late for that.

G - Ga… nah.

H- Hades



Immanuel Kant


Kant? Bah.

According to Kant, if someone was hiding in your house from a murderer, and said murderer was at your door, it would be more moral to tell him where the hiding man is than to lie to him and say that he did not see him. He was an idiot.

L- is for Legato from trigun.

He is so crazy, its cool. I hope u werent trying to keep a certain chain, if so im sorry i screwed it up.

M- Mithrandir!

N- Nightmare, what my DnD character rides!

O - Otep

Good band.


W- WoW

Q- /Quit