I like the Russians more


"The ruling arose from a Russian law that allows courts to ban religious groups that are considered to be inciting hatred or intolerant behavior. "

While the occasional JW’s knocking at my door are pretty annoying, that’s going way too far. Kind of creepy, makes me glad I’m an American.

Jehova’s witnesses are a highly damaging sect that psychologically destroy a lot of people. They’re symbolic of corruption and how people can make God in their image and pass it on as the other way around.

Couldn’t you say the same things about many colleges and their professors?

To be honest, I don’t know anything about the JW religion, except something about how only a certain amount of people can get into heaven. I think that’s them, anyway.
Maybe If I knew more my opinion would be different, but as an observer I just find the situation in Russia more than a little creepy.

Reading that article, I’m seeing little justification for that ban outside of the fact that Jehovah’s Witnesses aren’t considered a traditional religion and that their beliefs run counter to Russian customs. It doesn’t sound justified at all really.

“Prosecutors claimed the group was destroying families and endangering followers’ health by forbidding medical procedures such as blood transfusions”

That’s actually not just the prosecutors pulling this out of their asses. People have died in the states because such individuals have taken such measures becaus they thought God would save whoever if they prayed enough.

Jehova’s witnesses have a lot more than just this problem associated with them, for example in the States, women have been excommunicated for going to the cops because the “fathers” of their community weren’t doing anything about their rapes. In other words, they condone rape.

I know about the blood transfusion thing. I don’t see how that fits under inciting hatred or intolerant behaviour (a law itself I have objections to). The article made no mention any proof of this intolerant behaviour except for some exhibit the Russian Orthodox Church didn’t like, and since the Russian Orthodox Church is the predominant, seemingly government supported (even if it’s no money, just Yay Ra Orthodoxism!), if something angers them, it can work to undermine smaller, fringe religions. That is the problem with having church and state too closely mingling.

Ah, yes. I remember seeing something on CNN about that not too long ago. And as far as the medical thing, that’s a good point. It doesn’t make me any more comfortable with the situation, but I can certainly see the reasoning behind it.

The article didn’t go into the full detail of the court proceedings, so there’s no way to know exactly what was said about the hatred and intolerance that validated that. I don’t think its inconceivable to think the JWs concerned were based upon other contexts.

They deserve cookies!
At least that law does. The ruling is arguable.

That law could be awesome if it’s correctly implemented. The Russians rock.

We Defend Moscow!

Let people believe whatever the hell they want. If they want to have stupid beliefs, so be it. Once again, I will say: Russia sucks!

TM: the problem arises when 1 person’s beliefs start affecting other people’s well being. Your statement could be made to support genocide :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, but if it doesn’t affect others, they could do whatever they want. But if by affecting others you mean going door to door and annoying people, let them get annoyed. No one is getting hurt. Don’t get me wrong, I hate door to door religious crap too.

If any one knows the local Vicar or Curate if they are walking past Say ‘Hi’ to them whist ignoring the JW. That has worked very well becouse my and few of my freinds houses are Blacklisted by JW.

Big Nutter

If they come to your door its cuz you don’t inspire enough fear. Which is a fun thing to do. But door to door crap isn’t well being. However, JW’s , as I pointed out, do affect others’ well being :P. Like by letting their children die and asking God why.

True. But that’s just stupidity, and you don’t arrest someone for being stupid. You put them in insane asylums. Solution: Put all the JW in insane asylums :stuck_out_tongue:

(By the way, some of you guys can’t tell when I’m being sarcastic and when I’m not. To put it short and to save me time, I’m always being sarcastic.)

It’s also criminal negligence.