I like the Czechs


So long as its quiet, and they take breaks, I’m fine with it. But nonstop, and loud enough to annoy the customers? How loud ARE they playing it?

“Emotional trauma!?” They should try listening to bloody Lincs FM all day… :thud: :get it?:

On a semi-related note, it reminds me of something that happened where I work today- somehow, an Irish radio station had managed to dial itself over to our call centre. And I don’t mean one of the clerks had a software problem- I mean I picked up the phone, and all of a sudden “The boy that Santa Claus forgot” came blaring in my ear. So we just put it on speakerphone and tried to traumatise members of the support department :mwahaha:

I like the Czechs too.

The endless playing Christmas carols is why I stay away from malls and shopping streets during Christmas.

I can so relate to the Czechs!!!:mwahaha: :hahaha;

I like’em too :smiley:

Thats neat, I’m Czech, I thank all of you.

I hate hte christmas music that plays at my job as well…

I am also Czech. I hate Christmas as well, so I feel for those people.

I have a friend who’s parents are Czech… they’re pretty cool people, very understanding and relaxed.
Man that’s so true though, all that holiday music is inhumane.

Two Facts about The Czech Republic:

It is considered rude to come over to someones house without calling first.

Gum chewing in public is frowned upon.

These guys rule.

Originally posted by BlueMageOne

Gum chewing in public is frowned upon.

I doubt that… Infact I’m curious enough to ask my friend if that’s even true. I’m sure he would of mentioned it…unless it’s some sort of Czech chewing gum conspiracy!