I leave out the "RPG" in RPGC

This is a Street Fighter Anniversary Collection thread.

Because it rawks.

So discuss how you feel about the port.

I want to make love to it, but I know it won’t work afterwards, so instead, I just play a lot of Third Strike and SF2.

OK, so Ive been playing like a fudging madman and can say the following about it:

Third Strike’s timing is faster on console, which is a letdown. The graphics took a significant tumble from the arcade (and dreamcast, wtf?!). But the feel is the same. The game pwns no matter what so little things like that dont bug me. SF II includes the SFII Animated Movie that you can freely watch from the Options menu (of all places) and as an added bonus, they cut out the chun-li shower scene… FUCKING ASS HOLES!

All in all, its the best thing to happen to the PS2 as far as Street Fighter is concerned since ever.

It isn’t available where I live yet, but I still have to check Toys R’ Us. I will later, maybe.

PS2 sucks at rendering 2-D, that’s why TS looks like shit. Dreamcast was well-made 'cause it could handle 2-D games without looking like shit.

true…if i had a ps2, i might get third strike…but i do have a dreamcast with mod chip that plays ps1 and ps2 isos burnt to cdr(the 2d rendering on alpha and mvc are slick on dc)so i’ll probably get the third strike and sfac isos

My roommate bought an xbox and xbox live just so he could play that game and beat up people he doesn’t know.

You do that on state street, and 200 dollars. Heh, you and your crazy hobo deathmatches

Bah, what would YOU know about downtown.