I know you guys must be tired of flash games posts already

There was even a stickied thread for them once, if I remember well. But this one has such an original concept, it amused me way, way more than the average.

Actually, it’s not just a game I’m talking about. It’s 50 games in a flash.

And you only have four seconds to play each one.

Go check:

<a href=“http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/327270” target=_new>Four Second Frenzy</a>

The only game I haven’t beaten yet is the “Take Position” one.

Meh, we need posts of totally random stuff here to lighten things up.

That was fun. :slight_smile:

Maybe it was an original concept before Warioware, which if I understand correctly is pretty much like this.

meh, old. Played around with it back in the summer.

That was pretty damn cool.

Hey Ren! Bem-vindo de novo.
Any news re: project “Firemouse”?

Hah, nice. Kept me occupied a lonely and boring tuesday morning.

Seifer: Thanks! And I’ve started trying coding it last week with XNA. I’m serious, I will finish this game before I finish college. I’ve learned how to do some simple work with 3D max as well, but I won’t be able to make the maps myself, for I lack the skill and time for it.

Awesome and cool.

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