I know this doesn't pertain to RPGs...

… but who here besides me plays Capcom vs. SNK 2 on xbox live. If so, what’s your record so far? I’m ranked at about 827 or something like that. If anyone needs a good fight, look me up as the same name you see here… FunnyGinMan. I’ll play just about anyone. But be worned, I really hate cheap people :enguard:

Ooops… sorry about the double post. By all means delete one of them. My computer froze for a sec while I hit the submit button and I hit it a second time to make sure… Sorry.

I like Capcom Vs SNK 2. I used to play it on the DC when I go to my friend’s house. What is ‘cheap’ exactly? I wonder how you can be cheap on a fighting game like that, I really do. :stuck_out_tongue:

“I know this doesn’t pertain to RPGs…”

Don’t worry about that. Most topics don’t have to do with RPGs, if you noticed.

Yeah, I mean, at least you’re talking about a video game. That’s a lot closer to on-topic than a bunch of threads…

Accually SG, CvS1 was on DC, CvS2 is on PS2, XBox, and GC. I own CvS1 for DC and CvS2 for PS2 and XBox.
And yes, certain chars can be very cheap in the game. Ones that I find extremely annoying when people use them are Blanka, Guile, Vega, Bison, and sometimes Hibiki if my opponent only likes to defend.

A good point Routree. Didn’t think of it that way.

And Kaiser… that is one hella badass avatar you got there.

CVS2 was on DC, too, just only in Japan. Of course, with the amazing spread of Dreamcast importing and piracy, it was practically (though not officially) released in America, too.

Anyway, Ginman, we were on tonight, and looking for you, but you weren’t online.

DoleShaft said he’d call before you guys got on. I was waiting for that call.

Couldn’t connect to your cellphone for some reason. Kept giving us a weird error tone.

Really? That’s odd. I’m pretty sure my phone’s working fine, but oh well. I’ll have to kick his ass some other time. You can tell him I said that too. Give him a little insentive.

Hmm, I don’t think any of those characters are really cheap. In fact, the bulk of my favorite 3 on 3 team consists of some of those guys (Guile, Chun-Li and Balrog who is actually Vega). The different grooves kinda negate any cheapness, because you’ll always have advantages that someone else doesn’t. And they’ll always help you to approach characters that like to sit and wait like SO many people I know like to do with people like Rock or Terry. Grr. :stuck_out_tongue:

…Crap…I’ll like a lot more that game if Sie Kensou and Chin Gentsai were Selectable Chars…

Well, my brother’s undefeaed in Super Smash Bros. Cap vs SNK Virtually any game with multiplayer that doesn’t require leveling up or anything like that.

I hate my brother, the only game I’m better than him at is StarFox64.

Sadly, we don’t have an XBox, we have no room, & I DESPISE Bill Gates! I want a Game Cube.

Oh really Seph… I’d really like to play him sometime. It’s unfortunate that you don’t have online capabilities. Maybe you could find soneone with an xbox and the game. I’m always up for competition.

I’d so utterly destroy you in that game…

BTW : A lot of these characters aren’t cheap, it’s easy to get around their cheapness, except maybe Blanka with c.FP, and you didn’t mention Sagat’s c.FP.

Anyway, I use Kim/Akuma/Sagat(2) in K-Groove. I don’t have Xboxlive, I only play in arcades.

If you want competition, you can always check out SRK.com’s Xboxlive section, you’ll be playing against the best in the nation for some of them, but most of them are playable.

HA. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in competitive gaming it’s NEVER assume you can beat your opponent. Just because you think you’re the best with who you play against, and just because you woop up on all your friends and competitors back home, doesn’t mean squat. Now I’m not saying you’re the worst player or the best player. I’m just saying don’t think you’re the best. There’s always someone better out there. In my experience, the best players usually use the most obscure chars too.
Personally, I use a lvl 4 Ryu. Generally I can take care of any given team with just him. I still lose about half the time, and I’m not giving excuses, but lag is a big factor in that. Plus I like to challenge some of the more higher end players. I’ve even been able to beat the guy who’s ranked 5th on the xbox live list. He was one though mother too. But I figured out his pattern and moves and played accordingly.
As for arcade playing, I don’t play much at the arcade, so my style isn’t used to playing with anything but a PS2 controller. I had to buy a controller converter for the xbox just to do well online. But whatever gets the win I suppose.
So if you are the best in your area, great. Keep it up. Try a few tournys from the outside though. Put your team up against something other than the usually and see what happens.

GinMan is right. No matter where you go in the world, when it comes to fighting games EVERYONE is “The master” and EVERYONE can “fuck you up” and all that shit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Preach on Brother SG!

The only person I’ve never seen really get his ass handed to him is my friend Davies. Even in games he’s never played, even against people who say that they’re masters, he often wins, or at least makes very even matches. And he doesn’t even look like he’s trying. And he’s modest about it to boot.

Originally posted by FunnyGinMan
So if you are the best in your area, great. Keep it up. Try a few tournys from the outside though. Put your team up against something other than the usually and see what happens.

Oh, I’m far from the best in my area. Especially in CvS 2. (It’s my second-third best game, first is GGXX)

But they changed stuff from the arcade version to the Xbox live, apart from removing Roll Cancel, I mean. Supposedly, Eagle’s one of the strongest as they improved his damage, and Kyosuke doesn’t suck that much anymore. Besides, there’s some combos with Sagat I need to learn. I’m far from the best, but I do like to talk shit once in a while. Then again, Montreal tourneys haven’t been APEXed in a year…so I’m not on APEX, and even if I was, my score would be 0 or something like that. We don’t do tournies all that often.

I don’t know if he has Xboxlive, but Arcadekid’s Ratio 4 P-Sagat or Blanka (I can’t remember which) was insane, he kept parrying everything they threw at him, even with the parry system sucking that much. And yes, that was in arcades.

Besides, I was supposed to go to ECC8, but a lack of money kept me from going.