I -know- I've seen this...!

I swear, once when I was looking for some FF8 artwork, I saw an honest-to-goodness Amano of -everyone-…
This was like, at least 2 years ago, and I have no idea where the damn thing is…And yes, I -have- been looking…
Has anyone else seen/heard of this. or am I going mad?
(…knowing my luck, it’s probably the latter… ::doh:: )

Wow wow wow… ok… ok… so lemme get this straight…

Your name is Marsbar… and Marsbar is a chocolate bar!



Never mind Tomiko, Mars. It’s his job to mock everybody else. :mwahaha:

As for what you asked: a group portrait of the FF8 characters by Yoshitaka Amano? Never heard of it. In fact, I have never seen an Amano group shot of any game. Doesn’t mean it couldn’t exist, of course. Have you tried google?

I don’t see how calling her name awesome falls under the category of mucking her.

<A href=“http://www.amanosworld.com/” target="_blank">Here’s Amano’s website</A>

I think the only comissioned artwork he’s done for the Final Fantasy games are the Title Names, but I’m kinda vague on what he’s done for Final Fantasy art. Or course, you’ve probably already found this site, so I guess it’s all for naught. I guess you could always try putting something in the guest book there or buy one of those $100 books. XD



Now what about Amano?

Hm…I’ll hafta look. Meh, shouldn’t be too hard.

…speaking of searches, dumb question, but why does most of the good FF art on the net come from japanese sites…?
…prolly cuz most american/english speaking/whatever artists suck…? I dunno.
Just a thought.

Tomiko: Sorry, it’s just that your posts are usually cynical (or at least they sound so to me of late) so I just jumped to conclusions.

Mars: There a LOT more FF fans in Japan than in the USA, so odds are that there is MORE japanese fanstuff in the net than american ones, and therefore, a better chance that it’ll be good. But, I HAVE seen terrible japanese art, and BEAUTIFUL American art, as well.

Best I could find. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve seen some amano artbooks too. I know Amano didn’t do FF7 or 8’s artwork, so I doubt it was Amano or that it was FF8.

Amano ROCKS!

Originally posted by Tomiko
[b]Wow wow wow… ok… ok… so lemme get this straight…

Your name is Marsbar… and Marsbar is a chocolate bar!

ENOUGH! You mock us with your ridiculous antics, Hades!

…actually that was friggin hilareous.

Amano was the official character designer for FF1-7 and 9, but he also did sketches of characters from FF7 and 8 (see the art page on the FFCompendium). However, I haven’t seen a group sketch, unfortunately.

:yipee: :yipee: :yipee: :yipee: :yipee:
Are there enough of those icons to express my current joy?
I found it! Yay! Go me!
coughcough I’ll put a link for it in my next postie here huge grin

There we go! bounce
…and it only took, what, over three hours to find?
…Plus the two years since I found the damn thing & lost it…

Now I know why I didn’t post it on the FFC. -_- That image is impossible to make out. Nobody looks anything NEAR like the FF8 characters.

Ah well. The FF7 and FFX Amano art isn’t quite as bad. ^^;

Meh, so long as i found it, I’m happy bounce
Strangely, there’s a little sentimental value in that pic. The feeling of being a newbie FF fan, for example… sweatdrop
So ah, yeah!

Wilfredo-dude: Yeah, I kno. nodnod On another extreme, I’ve seen north american artists who think they’re the best thing since, oh, i dunno, Picasso (just an example ^^’’ ), and turn out to be…well, to put it bluntly, crap.

On that note…finishes the damn message before it sounds like i’m rambling and hops away

Well congrats on finding what you lost so long ago in such a short amount of time (all things considered) Mars. Glad to see someone so happy. It’s refreshing these days…

That’s pretty cool, even if it was probably a very preliminary sketch.