I know it's old and repetitive... Post your desktop -_-;

Check my sig to see mine =)

Not meaning this in any kind of put-down way, but didn’t we have one of these last week?

Ah well…


I finally figured out how to do this so here:

I know it’s gotta be the dullest one in the world but what can I say? I’m simple.

Click here for dullsville…

…It’s so empty. Do you keep everything in the Start Bar or something?

Yeah, I figure if I got everthing there, what’s the point of having it anywhere else?

Convenience maybe? Everything important like games and IE being merely a double-click away?

It doesn’t take much energy to do it the other way…I don’t use IE that much because I have AOL. As for games, I got most of them on autoplay when I put the CD in.

NOTE: I added a picture to my desktop so it doesn’t look too boring. Thank you again google!

Everyone loves Google.:hahaha;

<a href=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/crotanks/desktop.jpg”>Desktop.</a>

Again? It feels like I’ve posted it twice this week.

Still the sexy neko-bishie. This screenshot is a bit outdated and I got a couple of more icons now.


Who’s the girl Sorc?

Catherine Bell.

Nul, where’s the catboy from?

Here is my desktop.

It’s a bit clogged with icons buy I don’t care too much.

I wish I was on an island like that right now…

Yeah with no food but coconuts and no drinkable water, sounds great

Yeah! Gamer’s right! That background picture of that hellhole is no place you’d want to be!

You know what? Those desktop threads are really starting to annoy me. Old and repetitive is right. Here my idea.

Just like the picture thread, make a stickied desktop thread on the Main or the Media Forum. (Hey, desktops are often art :P)