I KNEW IT! (FMA Spoilers)

The Fuhrer IS a Homunculous!

Still don’t know which he is though. In episode 38 or 39 Pride is referred to as a ‘she’. So it could be either Rose, Lyra, Winry or Hawkeye. The last two are very unlikely, so it’s between Rose and Lyra. Thoughts?

Also, poor Martel. :frowning:

:open_mouth: WHERE DO I GET FMA EP 23 AND ABOVE?!?!

#Sonchou-Fansubs on irc.rizon.net has them, and http://novamesi.com.ar/250.html has torrents for 37-40.

What’s fma?

Full Metal Alchemist. Best anime series since… well… ever.

Holy shit Pie, that was fucking intense. But Al TOTALLY whooped Kimbleys ass.

oh, FMA stands for full metal alchemist

damn, i just read the spoilers