I just saw my first concert!

When I saw them there were a bunch of drunk fat dudes punching eachother in the face. Marky Ramone was piss drunk too, I don’t understand why that guy is still living.

Why? It was a great show. I’d never even heard of Spineshank or Powerman 5000 and they rocked the house. I actually think someone gave me that ticket… But for free it was awesome.

And what exactly qualifies these people as stupid? That was my real question. Moshing doesn’t make someone stupid, like Gila said they’re just trying to have fun. If you have fun differently, have fun differently. They probably think you’re stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey! It’s not my fault you have no good bands in your city. The local metal bands here are great. There are some lame ones but I just don’t go out to see their shows, that’s all. And battle of the bands is always bullshit. Who wants to see competition when you can see a regular performance?


Battle of the Bands always suck. They’re just a popularity contest. Talent has nothing to do with it.

And you’re going to find crappy bands in every city.

A lot of booking gigs depends on who you know. So you could have a really talented band who can never get a show because they have no connections. But then there is some crappy gimmick band who plays out every week because the bassist is dating the booking guy at the Middle East. Know what I mean?

That’s how shit works in Boston, I’m not sure if that’s across the board.

moshing doesn’t qualify them as stupid. Bringing an eight year old to the center of the pit does though. Expecially when the concert is 16+. Or wearing a full cosplay outfit that one would wear to an anime con, and then get mad when the people around you destroy that costume.

Well, I don’t go see the kind of music where people bring small children and/or dress up as Vegeta. So maybe you shouldn’t either?

brilliant plan. I’ll keep that in mind if I ever go to a concert again.

Small area means a generally shitty scene.
There was a really nice funk/grunge/whatever band that was actually talented. I haven’t been to the shows in a good year or so, though. Not since my friend’s band broke up.
The scene around here is all emo bullshit.