I just saw my first concert!

and it was spiffy. I went to go see Dir en Grey over in New York. And my friend(and I) are psychotic. We arrived at 6:30 am when the doors wouldn’t be opening until 7 pm. I gotta say I don’t like crowds and I don’t like people, but the concert was good. Kyo is kind of creepy…He cut himself up on stage and bled on everyone.Toshiya got into the concert pretty quick and looked like he was really enjoying himself. Shinya was hard to focus on as well as Die, but Kaoru eventually really got into it. It was fun.

The people kind of sucked though. There were so many creepy fangirls that would surge forward and crush you if you were up front. Which is kind of expected, I’d assume, if you’re in the pit. But people didn’t have to make it worse by continuosly blocking my view with obnoxious peakock feather necklaces and jamming their elbows into my chest.

Did your ears feel deaf after the concert?

If they have any type of good sound equipment, most definitely.

The only people I’ve seen have been Metallica, twice, and I went to the taste of chaos once. Definitely good times, mostly for the crowd and such.

If you want a bad crowd, see the Misfits. I mean, I love them, but most of their fans are complete idiots, especially since we went to see them in New Jersey and it seemed that some people were only fans of theirs because they came from New Jersey. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, when I was in the pit they were kicking and biting and uh… lots of stuff you’re not SUPPOSED to do in a pit. :stuck_out_tongue: That and people yelling that you’re not a real Misfits fan because:

A. You don’t wear ridiculous clothing.
B. You have an IQ above 80.
C. You don’t drink nearly enough.
D. You don’t know every single solitary word to each and every song that the Misfits ever did spanning their career. I mean, why in Hell would you even try to memorize the post-Danzig stuff? <_<

Thats cool. Save the ticket stub. After you go to a few more concerts you can start a collage.

I’ve been to the OzzFest a few times. That is a good time. The best one I saw had Rob Zombie, MudVayne, and of course Ozzy. Rob Zombie puts on a crazy stage show! There were giant demon robots on stage breathing fire and stuff. Awesome.

But I prefer going to rap concerts because I like the atmosphere better. It is more of a huge dance party. I went to the 50 Cent, G-Unit, DTP concert about 6 months ago. That was so much damn fun. Everyone was just dancing and having a great time. People drinking and rolling blunts everywhere. Fun stuff.

I could’ve gone to this and really wish I had now, since my favorite band are playing on Sunday, and a lot of other bands I like are there, but NO, I had to be little-johnny-find-out-who-I-know-who’s-going-first a lot. :frowning:

Alas, sold out in 12 hours. :frowning:

I’e been to a ton of concerts… Living in Atlanta there are many venues you can go to for pretty cheap. Cheapest concert I can think of off the top of my head was either Spineshank, Adema, Manmade God and Powerman 5000 or the only ska show I’ve ever been to with Hot Hot Heat, Less than Jake and Bright Eyes (I went for a girl…) both were like $11.

God I love concerts. I just recently went and saw Seether (for the second time) and Shinedown. That was a deal too - $25! A lot of local Atlanta radio stations do free concerts over the summer and there’s usually at least one I want to go to. Man I love this city.

I have never been to a concert in my life, and doubt I will. I don’t like crowds, and I’m too likely to break down from all the stupid around instead of enjoy the show. One exceptsion are orchestra concerts, but those are sit-down ones where you actually can hear yourself think.

I doubt the sound equipment was really that good. I was right up front and when I walked out of the concert I could still hear fine. I’ve been to louder dance parties.
I doubt I’ll go to see too many other concerts; I hate crowds, I hate lines, I dislike stupid people, and I don’t like getting hurt much either. I just kept my mouth shut when people were describing how one is not a real Diru fan because they don’t know the lyrics to all the songs, or their deeper meanings.

That’s too bad Calvecade, this concert actually sold out during the presale. Only way to get tickets to it afterwards was on ebay or if you happened to find someone who had an extra ticket. A few people were looking for tickets while in line.

I keep seeing people say they don’t want to go to concerts because they don’t like “stupid people”. What exactly does that mean? Stupid people are everywhere, you may as well just not leave your house.

Hehehe, Is it bad that two of three concerts I have been to were of comedy music? I saw “Weird” Al Yankovic twice and Puddle of Mud once, when they were in town. They were awesome, but Mud was the only one to deafen me.

It just makes you feel better on the internet.

meh, they’re everywhere yes, but I’m normally not merging with one in day to day life.

Yes, but in how many places do you get such a tightly-packed concentration of them?

Of course, this is coming from someone who’s never been to a concert.

GG said the key word: Tightly-packed. Can’t stand being around so many people. Besides, I have enough social disorders to make me a goddamned safety risk at those things.

I have more social disorders than you do! Copycat

As much fun as a “who’s got it worse” pissing contest would be, let’s not let it go on in this thread.

I’ve been to a ton of concerts. Well, not a ton, but quite a few in the past year atleast. I’ve seen bands from Opeth, to Cryptopsy, to Megadeth(twice!!!) and even JUDAS PRIEST!!! Oh yeah, some power metal bands too. Not to mention I go to local metal shows at bars almost every weekend.

I’d say the people at concerts can be very fucking stupid. More stupid than the average stupid person you’d meet on the street. But that’s explainable: they are trying to have a good time, and their idea of a good time happens to be well… being rowdy. Mosh pits are ok if you’re careful. Occasionally there are some real jerks in those things but most of the time if you watch yourself then you’re fine.

Concerts can take a real toll on your hearing. I find whenever I come home from a show, my ears are ringing. It sounds like the ocean when I try to sleep that night! I’ve learned to wear earplugs at shows now, yeah sure it sounds lame but whatever I don’t want to be fucking deaf seeing as how I consider myself a musician.

Overall, I prefer local shows at bars over the big concerts. Big concerts are great because you see the big bands that everyone knows about, but local shows are much more personal, and much more authentic aswell.

You were ripped off. :stuck_out_tongue: But that’s just my opinion. You’d have to pay me to go see those guys live.

I completely agree.

My buddy Larry is in a punk band called Penis Fly Trap. They’re really good, I go see him play out all the time.

Around here, I find that sentiment to be complete bullshit.
It’s all about who gets the most friends to show up and vote for them at the battle of the bands. Talent be damned, they can suck copious amounts of ass and no one’s nice enough to tell them. If you do, you don’t “understand them” or you’re being an ass.
I’m kinda bitter about all these copycat bands in the area getting attention when genuinely good, talented bands with someone who can actually fucking sing, as opposed to shove the mic in his mouth and randomly sing shit (which is actually one band’s horrible gimmick), get booed or have half the crowd walk out.