I just picked up the greatest sound recording in the history of american music

sup i’m jack black

I thought it was a funny movie, but there wasn’t enough rocking.

There was more than enough rocking! Are you kidding me? Kikapoo (Motherfucking DIO, goddammit!) and Beezleboss (the final Showdown) fucking rocked harder than somethign that rocks really fucking hard.

There was Meat Loaf, Dio, and a Rock off with the Fucking Devil. Not the regular devil, the Fucking Devil. With a Fucking and a big-letter D.
Is it even possible to Rock Harder?

EDIT: Aside, of course, from when the A-Rock-Alypse comes, as prophecized by Lordi. Then things will rock harder. Because there will be so much Rock it tears the Earth asunder. But until that day, I think this is about as fucking hard as something can rock.

Something just broke inside me. I mean, if I wanted unoriginal (yet entertaining) songs I’d listen to Screaming Lord Sutch. Yay!

The movie was something that I think would only be good if the person seeing it was already a huge Tenacious D fan. The album is just a glorified soundtrack, which was really disappointing.

I just got back from seeing them in concert.

It was awesome.