I just looked up Banal

And it has to be one of the most useful words I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe I’ve been going through life all this time without knowing what it meant.

Banal. I’m assimilating this word.

How banal.

That’s just pussy linguistics. Try some real despective words, like bafflegab!

But I haven’t had to hear the word bafflegab every day of my life, so it’s not as ironic, and it’s not as useful either :open_mouth:

Banal and banality are some of my staple words. I either learned them from Changeling: the Dreaming, or from SK’s frequent usage of them back in the day. And bafflegab isn’t really that useful, I agree. It’s more to show off that you know words. It’s like when I was in 9th grade and I would use antidisestablishmentarianism correctly. Oooh- big shot! Jerry Falwell was an antidisestablishmentarianist. Now kill yourself, past Ken.

I know, that the point. You can be an uppity asshole AND make everyone confused as to whether or not you’re pulling their leg. It’s awesome.

If you had looked up words back in the day, things would have been way easier.

In about five straight essays back in high school, I was able to correctly use morass. And it made sense in context too.

I like the word, I just haven’t had the chance to really use it.

In a vocal communication class I’m taking, we had to list a word we like. I chose “Celerity”. The teacher told me to stop being so damn smart.

Apparently it’s a tradition these days.

If you choose celerity, I’ll choose Obfuscate. AHA! Celerity is useless if you can’t see me! End WW nerdfest <_<;

Orange you glad I didn’t say banality

I’m gonna pound you banally

It’s quite flabbergasting that you haven’t discovered the usefulness of the word banal.

You’re all a bunch of blathering blatherskites!

lol hey guys i got a funny joke

this thread is so banal lol

did u no banal sounds like anal? lol anal

funny shiit

CHING CHONG! That’s how China people speak! Haha Zepp only you get me!

Now remember kids: Never go bass to mouth.

All of these threads are so boring right now