I just had my own little private rock concert 8P

So here I was… I had a crapload of dishes plus I had to wash the entire kitchen… So what do I do ? I chose a particular genre in VGM…

I chose rock(Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Light Rock, etc…). So I felt like making use of my folks’ sound system as they were away.

I chose the following CDs to play randomly : Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Sound Collection, Bushido Blade 2 Original Soundtrack, Shining The Holy Ark Original Soundtrack(It’s actually arranged, yet still kicks ass.), Guilty Gear X : Heavy Rock Tracks, Cyber Org Original Soundtrack (Disc 1) and last but not least, Ehrgeiz Original Soundtrack (Disc 1).

The entire work too two hours to complete, but hey, I got a blast doing it. Anybody else uses VGM or any other genre of music to kill boredom during chores ?

I usually just hum whatever fits my mood at the time, whether it be game music or some song of radio past. I would blast it on the stereo if I could tho. :slight_smile:

Japanese anime music gets me through most chores. Quiet.

A lot of my playlist consists of FF music.

I’m listening to One Winged Angel (orchestrated) currently.

What gets me through chores? Old school U2, full volume, 8 speakers, sub-woofer, the works.


Sometimes, when I get a tune stuck in my head, I listen to it … which helps, in a strange kinda way …

5.1 surround sound
Bass up just the right amount
It’s beautiful ^^

Originally posted by Steve
5.1 surround sound
Bass up just the right amount
It’s beautiful ^^

I had my neighbours complaining about me for doing that the other night.

Haw, I did it at 7 am this morning to wake up. I don’t think there are any laws in my town about noise. If they are they’re really lax.

When i have work to do, I punch in some Daft Pnk. Work moves surprisingly fast then. Especially since I tend to start working to the melody.


Take a guess. Also Aphex Twin, who is godlike.


I don’t do chores, because it’s a small place, so it’s not necesary. But if I did, I’d probably blast Slayer, or Megadeth… something fast and angry.

Whatever I’m in the mood for, music motivates me and get’s me through hard times and chores :stuck_out_tongue: If I’m feeling <i>really</i> elegant however I pop in FF 6 prelude remix by Enya…ahh so purdy.

I usually don’t get the chance to listen to music when I’m doing chores, so I just sing or recite silently whatever’s in my head; it could be a song, or just some movie or something. It’s not always music though.

I don’t do music and chores but when I’m writing I stick my latest compilation consisting of:




Linkin Park

And last but not least: Utada Hikaru.

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No, quite really just that one song. It rocks.

Utada Hikari AND Rammstein!?

Yes. Ah Hikari, how a love that song, Simple and Clean is okay but in comparison is a pile of shit.
Planit B owns.

While I usually sleep through my chores, or procrastrinate them away: Whatever music fits my mood there and then.

I only hum, while working.

But whenever I’m on the computer, I have music playing.

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Linkin Park
And loads of others.