I just had an epifany. Fullmetal Alchemist is the best anime series ever made

How can a series have so many episodes that go from lighthearted and funny to downright grim and morbid in a matter of seconds? I havent seen such a heavy plot in which science and religon and the nature and existance of humanity is questioned in the way it is here. I just love the use of facial expressions here, especially those of Edward. They did a damn good job there. I see his expressions, the look in his eyes, and I can feel what he’d feeling. It’s pretty unsettling.

I’m going to have to agree with you here. Although it’s not for everyone (particularly not people who don’t like the sight of blood) it really is the most thought-provoking and emotional thing I’ve ever seen. I’m going nuts waiting to see the remaining episodes.


And yes. FMA IS the most awesomest thing in the anime world. I remember coming into it around episode 14, and it was so light-hearted back then, before the plot really got steaming along. Now it’s nearly over, and it’s changed so much.

But whatever happens, Ed’s reaction to the word ‘short’ shall always be priceless.

I’ve still only seen the first six episodes. :frowning:

oh man, you stopped before one of the best episodes of the series

Pshaw! Sexy Commando is better than FMA!

I do concur, I love it like a moth loves teh flame.

Motherfucker. I’ve downloaded all there is to download by way of available episodes. I dont know how I’m gonna live.

begins to download Excel Saga

I agree, FMA is by far the best anime ev0r.

Its probably the best anime made for japanese tv this year

But i have no idea what could be the best anime ever made