I just gotta know...

I was having two different kinds of brownies and couldn’t decide whether I liked the regular chocolatey goodness, or with nuts.

I like mine with nuts, namely pecans or walnuts.

I like mine with weed.


Pecans & weed! Best of both worlds!

I don’t generally eat chocolate, but I prefer with nuts. Hell, anything with nuts.

Yeah man! I voted other… for with pot.

I like them with nuts, but I also like them with chocolate chips.

I like my Brownies with a Girl Scout on the side.

Well…That was almost funny…



with chocolate chips is yummy.

It doesn’t really matter (although nuts are cool). I just gotta have 'em with a glass of milk. Period.

You liked them best without nuts, because you like to take a huge bite out of them, without worrying about hitting anything crunchy. Just slightly gooey softness, and nothing more.

(Jeez, taken out of context, that last sentence is pretty suggestive)

What? He asked what he liked more, not me. Although I do like them better without nuts, or anything. :smiley:


Normal. Sweet, sweet softness.

I tend to base my food loving unclarity on other food lovers opinions.

Damn right!