I just found this funny.

She had boasted that she was more beautiful than the daughter of Nereus, the Sea-god. An absolutely certain way in those days to draw down on one a wretched fate was to claim superiority in anything over any deity; nevertheless people were perpetually doing so.

It is from Mythology, a book I am reading for my English class.
I just thought to share it with everyone who visits these Message Boards… possibly to see if anyone else finds it funny… or to just wait and get flamed… as I am bound to.


you not funny!

HEH! I’ve always enjoyed mythology books that were like that. :hahaha;

…and then God parted the clouds from the heavens above and shouted…


And hence he did throw his mighty shoe at the noisy bastages unto earth which gave forth a mighty earth-shaking thuderbolt, in which the people, therefore, did shut up.

I just felt like saything that.

Yeah, Merc, that does strike a smile.

Yes, by Edith Hamilton… as she phrases it to ways that I find funny…

God: [glaring at Earth] Don’t make me come down there!

…I don’t get it. I don’t do good with that old way of speaking. But if I did understand I’m sure it would be hilarious.

I don’t see that as funny. Maybe because I have studied mythology a lot. It’s common knowledge to me that you don’t want to piss of a god.

Well, i dunno, Oftentimes, if you’re a mortal, and you piss off the right God, better things can happen to you. There are a few documented cases.

Hmm… I don’t know… Sounds like suicide to me. Though… not funny. Not really. I guess I’d have to think about it… real hard. Maybe think about something else that’s funny at the same time… ya. Maybe then.

Yeah, that wasn’t funny in the slightest. Honestly, people.

Haha… X… you’re an asshole and Charl is just a dick.
And… just the way it says… “An absolutely certain way in those days to draw down on one a wretched fate”… maybe just the tone I use or the way it’s written that a god will kill you… in some way because they’re a god and you pissed them off… and you’re a mortal… so you’ll die… soon.

Yea, that wasn’t funny. If you want funny, read native american mythology.

Meh… you don’t seem to be having much of an imagination people.

Oh, I have an imagination all right… heh heh. I could sit and stare off into space for hours… on end… just… imagining stuff… and be occupied very much so. Heh heh.

Would have been slightly amusing if I hadn’t have had to read the same book for English.

Are you having to read Mythology also?

Yes. Ninth grade sucks.

That it does. I just finished 9th grade and hate mythology. whatever.

Stupid Freshies.