I just embarassed myself at work.

I think he did use a condom. I only remember this because that thread was so fucking stupid. It’s kind of hard to forget something like that!

That one was a classic!

He was worried because either one hadn’t been used or been used the whole time. I could’ve had so much fun making him believe his gf was pregnant.

Man, last week when I went to the doctor about my stomach virus (lots of nausea, nothing else), they gave me a pregnancy test and I didn’t even know it. I understand that it’s sort of general practice, but I’m kinda pissed that they did it and didn’t even ask me. One simple question would have expressed the lack of need for one! Hell, if that DID come back positive, I believe that God and I would have needed to have a serious discussion!

Wanna fix that? I can see by your sig that you’re interested. ^.~