I just embarassed myself at work.

First off, I work in an office. Most of the people I work with are all at least 10 years older than me. There are a few people my age, but they aren’t in my department.

So anyway, I come in to work this morning and people are talking about their weekends. One of my coworkers asks me about mine. I said it was nice. Normal Monday morning stuff.

Another of my coworkers starts talking about how her 12 year old son was up all night with his friend beating Halo.

Without thinking, I automatically asked, “What difficulty?”

It was like a needle bounced off of a record. Everyone stopped and just stared at me.

I kinda just laughed to myself, said nevermind and walked back to my desk.

I felt like such a little kid.

Eh. If it’s Halo 1, it doesn’t matter what difficulty. You can just take advantage of the “stay back, let my partner respawn” trick if things get too heated. >.>

Last summer when I was working in a law firm, one of the secretaries told some story about how her son sold his Cube, like 20 games, both controllers, and two or three memory cards for 20 dollars at most. I’m just standing there considering saying about how much that would go for fairly used, but I decided against it. Still funny though.

Maybe your co-workers are just a bunch of cultural and technological cavemen?
From The Entertainment Software Association:


I say you tack up a huge poster of your favorite game in your workspace and thumb your nose at those uncultured pencil-pushing barbarians. :smiley:

That’s what I’m saying.

Almost everyone I work with is married with kids. I always hear them bitching about their wife, or their husband, or the latest drama with their kids. One of the women I work with is actually the mother of a kid I graduated high school with!

So its not so much that I’m young, its that they’re really old.

EDIT: I have this hanging at my desk.

I think it’s actually very funny, Dave. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeep, this is always very happy and encouraging to hear. It was the case for me too.

Man, I was expecting some kind of hot scandal involving AT LEAST a little bit of sex and/or drama, some kind of mind boggling idiocy or something that would make me ask what in God’s name motivated if not POSSESSED you to share this information with us.

Like we don’t get enough of that already.

You too? :slight_smile: I was looking forward to it. Ever since my company was purchased and became all corporate, the people there who whored around either quit or stopped doing it. LOL.

On the upside, your pants are still bone dry.

Psh, TD once had his pants fall down in front of girl scouts.

I’m not sure if that embarrassed him, nor am I sure if that wasn’t intentional. Especially since most of the girl scouts were tied down.

I deny any and all accusations, and fully remember the incident as consensual.

Yeah, you put the “sensual” in that event alright.

Sorry to disappoint you.

I can make a new post asking about romantic advice or medical problems if you want.

What’s funny about posts about medical and romantic advice is that people make them then don’t listen to the answers form people that give them the right answers and then they wonder what went wrong.

What’s funny is what posessed them to ask <i>here</i> in the first place >:E

Well, it’s an RPG forum, so it’s OBVIOUSLY the apex of medical/psychological knowledge and support.

Well, he did have unprotected sex with his girlfriend in a KFC bathroom, and almost got her pregnant, but i don’t know if i’m supposed to be telling you guys this. So keep it on the down-low.


I’m not Setz.

And how do you almost get someone pregnant?