I just don't care anymore...

Lady Shadowz, this one’s for you ^~
I dunno, his expression just looked dead, so it seemed like a good enough title :smiley:

Totally unrelated: my new phoenix design. =]

Nice shadowing, Shads :slight_smile: And I wish I could work colors like that in the phoenix one…

Nice work.

That’s really cool… I must say I wish i could draw a phoniex like that, but, I’ll get to it someday!:smiley:

really awesome!:cool: :smiley: :wave:

The proportions for the man are a bit off, but I love the folds.

Thanks, ehe… but it’s extremely rare I can get something to be colored the way I want. I swear, I get possessed by a doodledemon or something. ^_^;

And as for the proportions being off… well, I’m not too good with guys. I draw girls mostly, as any anatomy problems can be solved with a quick strip in front of a mirror XD

[EDIT] Nice pictures. I like the phoenix one better. But then I’m slightly biased.

So you actually did get the image as a text? Amazing :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, damn Opera. I opened it in IE and it worked fine.