I just bought a PC-Engine

Why? Because i could.

Anyway, i paid 65 bucks for it, and i get two controllers and some kind of flash card/memory unit. However, i get no games. So i was wondering if you guys could suggest me some? Rarity is no problem, it has a CD Drive, so i assume i can just burn isos of the games you recommend.

You can’t play CDs without a system card. The PC Engine System Card 1 plays very few CD-ROM games (ones that only say “CD-ROM” on them), where as the System Card 2 plays many games (ones that say “CD-ROM²” on them). The System Card 3, or “Super System Card,” (the one that’s built into the Duo) plays games that are marked as “Super CD-ROM².” Finally, there’s the Arcade Card (in both Pro and Duo formats, one for the PCE, one for the Duo), which plays “Arcade Super CD-ROM²” games (mainly SNK stuff).

As far as HUCard based games go, I’d reccomend finding Neutopia 1 and 2, Gradius, Salamander, Dragon’s Curse (called Adventure Island in Japan, it’s a remake of the SMS game Wonder Boy III), and Cadash. Since this is a PCE, and not a TurboGrafx-16, if you want to play these in english, you’ll need a HUCard converter. Fortunately, <A HREF=“http://www.tzd.com/”>TZD has some in stock</A>.

For CD based games, I’d reccomend Ys Book I & II (CD-ROM²), Ys III (CD-ROM²), Ys IV (Super CD-ROM²), Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (Super CD-ROM²), Cosmic Fantasy 2 (CD-ROM²), and the Valis series (I believe 2 and 4 are CD-ROM², and that 3 is a Super CD-ROM² for some reason, though I could be wrong).

Enjoy it. The PCE/TG16 is one of my favorite systems.

http://pcecp.com/index.php?mode=catalog&action=normalsearch ?