I just beat up a guy and I feel pretty good about it.

Some families go to church, some get together to have a party and some just do nothing. My own family has a pretty peculiar ritual for the holidays: Beating some odd fucker to a pulp. It’s not really a ritual, just something that tends to happen around assorted holidays and today was my turn.

This morning my mother and I went to see my (Father-side) grandparents and my uncle (My father’s brother). My two little cousins were playing on a park nearby and when I went to say “Hi” I was greeted by a most unpleasant sight: My eleven year old cousin was crying on the floor while a guy who looked around twenty sprinted off on his (MY COUSIN’S) bike. Even better, I recognized him as the same son of a bitch that had mugged my father two years ago and stole my own bike. My cousin was all right thankfully, but to say that my blood was boiling would be an understatement. My uncle made me give him a full description and told everyone around as well as the police (he has a very good friend in the closest station) but we all knew that the chances of getting this guy were null. Or so I thought.

Four hours ago from now I had gone to the store two blocks away from my gramps’ house and I saw the last thing I could have expected: The same moron was cycling calmly towards my general direction. It was a pretty busy street so he had to hug one of sides, he choose the left one which was exactly where I was.

In retrospective I can say that what I did was tremendously reckless and stupid. He could have had a gun or knife or he could have just punched me to death, but proving the fact that when it’s time to take decisions every shred of logical thinking can very easily go to crap and be replaced by animalistic impulses, I did the only thing that came to my mind at the time: I made a sharp twist, slammed my elbow on his face and knocked him off the bike. It took him about the same time to recover from the surprise shock as it took me to realize what the heck I had just done. My buddy Common Sense choose that time to note that this asshole was at least a whole head taller than me but since I had the momentum I just screamed “You’re the fucker who mugged my father!” before punching him in the stomach, grabbing his arms and trying an improvised submission move.

I was really lucky that the original hit had left him pretty dizzy, otherwise he would have made me get off and possibly beaten me up. In this case whoever, it bought the whole neighborhood enough time to spread the word of what was happening and before the robber had time to get up my very big and angry uncle crashed his fist on his face breaking whatever was left of his nose. The next few minutes were pretty hectic as some other of my uncle friends took turns to hold the mugger in place (And take a few swings at him) and prevent my uncle from sending him into a coma, but the police finally got there and arrested what was left of him.

I got rightfully scolded by my mother for doing such a stupid thing while pretty much everyone else was giving me the thumbs-up. Thanks to my uncle’s friend in the police station, the process was pretty quick: This guy was a bum who had been robbing around the neighborhood for weeks and even his “colleagues” didn’t like him, so they aren’t going to have any trouble locking him up, or at the very least keeping him in the station while his paperwork “gets lost” in the system. We also checked, the threat of legal action from the guy is nonexistent.

I got an uncomfortable sense of pride from all this. On one side I know that what I did was tremendously stupid but on the other I realize that this is how my father, uncle, grandfather and the rest of my family are used to deal with low-level bums like this and I’ve seen it work repeatedly over the years. Also, I can finally whip from my memory my father’s face and his black eye after he got mugged. My mother already calmed down and even told me that, as stupid as I am, my father was equally reckless and would have been proud of me.

So… there’s my pre-Easter story.

Good job.

I’d say this is very common. It may also be the adrenalin rush makes you feel even more empowered.

Either way, good job!

Shit, I get adrenalin when playing PVP in WoW… :moogle:

Nice. Good job with the elbow.

i got a chocolate egg

good job though

Way to go.

Nice job SE. Keep on kickin’ ass.

I would have slipped the jab, but you seemed to take care of things allright

I know who to call if my bike gets stolen. Good job. This is a case where the afterward pride is a good thing.

Glad to hear you’re OK, Seraph, and that the jerk got caught. Most of all, I’m glad to hear you understand how reckless that was, and that (hopefully) you’ll think better next time. Revenge (and a bike) aren’t worth a life.

Niiiiiiice man, thats wicked. Last time i got in a fight was in second grade, and i don’t even remember how i won. Thats pretty crazy \m/

A job well done. I hope your cousin gets his bike back.

Nice Elbow. :smiley:

Best easter ever, I think. And great job!

I read the title and I was going to say that you were an ass.but in this case you did something good.Way to go man!THAT BUM GOT WHAT WAS COMING TO HIM!


Hooray for violence.

Man, reading that was extremely satisfying. Awesome job, and it goes to show you that simply apprehending a mugger may be the normal thing to do, but it’s much less fulfilling.

Heh, you ARE lucky. If all that happened with me, no one in my family would’ve been giving me any props regardless of what the guy had done. My Mom and Dad would’ve been pissed.

Mr. Mullenkamp, he beat this man up for a reason I hope you will understand.

EDIT:Wrong name sorry
EDIT:I had the correct name.I was talking about the man named miltank whoposted 3 above me