I ilked this. Maybe you will too.



I’d give an eye to play Super Squabble Champ IV and Boundless Libertine Plus.

Seriously, he’s right. There’s a reason The Sims and GTA are popular, they allow you to carry out mundane acts of stupidity and rashness you wish you could do in real life. This needs to be exploited more. You listening Will Wright?

Wow. I didn’t relize why the Sims was so popular. I myself was only mildly amused when my happy couple in Sims 2 became horrible foes and the wife slept with the maid.

Anyone up for Magic Agreement Party?

Am I the only one who visualized Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation reading this article aloud? The sarcastic voice makes it even better.

And yes, I want to play these.

If you make proper game mechanics up (we need challenge!) these wouldn’t be half-bad. You’d put a feed on Facebook, which would ensure extra revenue and fun* times with your friends.

*onlookers only