I... I thought I could handle anything... I was wrong

Well, I know that this isn’t the media forum but yanno, something like this, the fanfic summary that actually snapped my brain in half, needs to be shared with all of you.

Because why should I suffer alone?

It’s Warcraft, and stuff like this makes me prefer the fics there that are only about original characters.

Love and pain by Lady Whisper
His heart hurting and broken, Rhonin tries to get over Varian Wrynn his first love, and finds comfort in the waiting arms of Krasus the dragon mage

Ah, my sweet friends… I bring up the challenge of fanfiction again. See if you can find something equally… what’s the word… odd as that, or worse. And pointing to Masterpiece Fanfic Theather is cheating.

I suggest, if fanfiction.net allows you to see the age of the writer, that you never read a fanfic by someone with the nickname Lady Whisper who is older than 16. I wonder if Krasus has a bodice because if he has, it is so going to get ripped. If you gaze into bad fanfics, the fanfics also gaze into you.

(This post certainly has a lot of 'if’s).

And nobody can be told what a fanfic is. You have to experience it for yourself.

I’m glad you said that Krasus was the one in the bodice, because if it was any of the others I’d have to take measures due to anguish caused by mental image.

Whisper would be an awful noble title of have;

“I hear Lord Whisper opposes your plans for the colonies, Lord Brassiangrave, what say you?” asked Lord Stonygrim, keeping his countenance stony despite the worry held in his grim voice.

“No-matter!” Brassiangrave’s brassy voice bellowed in a grave tone, “Who will hear his dissent?”

(ps whatever fanfic that would have been from had i not just made it up was probably worse in whichever alternate universe it was written? i really hope so.)

Well, Arac… a while ago I snarked a 100% serious, godawful WoW-fic where the author had killed off all the canon leaders and replaced them with herself and her guild mates. This lead to Deathdog, noble leader of the Night Elven Hunters, and His Royal Holiness Sabreddwarf, High Priest and King of the Dwarves. No, I’m not joking. It was blasted with a couple of annoyed reviews and taken off the net, though, so I can’t prove it.

Aside from that, your little fic made me giggle XD

The destiny will lead you to where the people need you. It all makes sense.

(Incidentally, fantasy writers thinking up names that sound horrible was bad enough, but MMOs broke new ground in that regard.)

If that’s the case then the guy needs to learn how to spell Sabre.

Though I suspect that he should really be looking for better friends.