I hope this spreads


Porn + Pizza = Mmm-mmm good.

I’m sure there’s a kink or two about food and pizza but nah.

“Oh my tits on my pizza box how sexy”

yeah I’ll pass.

Some porn is more funny than sexy. I’d say this falls squarely in the former category.

Nude people I don’t know is not something I want around food.

Apparently the pizza itself is good.

When I say “I hope this spreads” I hoped it was your mothers legs. ZING! now get me some pizza.

That made me lol :stuck_out_tongue:

When I want food, I don’t want a gimmick; I want food.

On the other hand, when I want food, I don’t want food; I want a gimmick.

[…]which delivers pornographic material inserted under every pizza[…]

You know, I would be afraid of finding a used condom under a slice. I mention it because I read about I remember reading about it happenning somewhere before.

To be fair, they say later in the article that it’s just pictures under the pizza, but God knows if the cook hasn’t whacked off to this picture and got some extra sauce on the cheese.

I’m sure a place like that would be shut down instantly if anything like that were found. Ever.

Well, gone into google, typed ‘woman’ ‘condom’ ‘soup’ and hit “I’m Lucky”, here’s what I got:

The women said they were all eating clam chowder when Laila Sultan, 48, bit into something rubbery.[…]Sultan allegedly spent the next 15 minutes vomiting in a restroom and later visited a psychiatrist and took medication for depression and anxiety.

Why would someone think to use the words “woman”, “condom”, and “soup” in the same search string?