I hope my dog dies tonight

My dog is 16 and basically on her death bed right now and I really hope she quietly dies in her sleep tonight. If not we are probably going to go to the vets and have her put down tomorrow, and I really don’t think I can handle doing that. It’s just creepy to me to know the exact moment something will die. Even though it is the best thing we can do for her.:too bad;

Awww. :too bad;

I wish your dog a peaceful, quiet death…

I hope she does die in her sleep. It’ll be peaceful for her that way. It’s fucking horrible when you have to put a pet down and it’s looking at you when it dies. It hurts you more than anything.

This reminds me of a cat I had. It was sick, adn put down in front of me…

Excuse me whilst I drown my recurring sorrow.

Sorry to hear that Frame. =/

I hope for her a painless and peaceful death.

I know what you mean. Barney, the family dog of 18 years, God rest her soul, died a few years ago. She died the way she would have wanted, lying peacefully in the warm sunlight. Same with BooBoo, cat of 24 years.

I’d hate to think of knowing that I had a part in their death, no matter how merciful they were.

There is a japanese saying that goes:

“Everything is more beautiful when it’s near its end.”

Hope your dog dies in a painless way.

God I remeber when my dog died my mom left for a night and in the morning I found out he died…

RIP Bob.

I hope your dog dies painlessly and in her sleep.

Snap her neck with your own two hands.

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Snap her neck with your own two hands.


For god’s sake, man, have you ever actually OWNED a pet? =P

That’s just a military way to sacrifice beings near death that Charl pointed.

If I had a pet in such a condition and couldn’t give it a lethal shot, nor any poison that’d give it a quick, painless death, and it wouldn’t die and just be there suffering, I’d pierce the back of its neck with a quick dagger move. I have a very sharp dagger made of sylver that could do the job (in Gladiator you see something that looks like this. The protagonist asks a friend to kill him this way).

I don’t say this too often while I’m here, but I think that was uncalled for and at the least inappropriate. I know you joke a lot and all that, but come on already. I know that’s quick and all that, but anyway… maybe I’m being too sensitive.

Frameskip, I hope that your poor dog suffers as little as possible. I’ve never really had a pet, so I haven’t experienced the like, but I have family that has… it’s not a great situation to say the least, but I hope that you and your dog will be okay in the grand scheme of things.

Yeah I would do that, but she isn’t really in pain, or suffering, she is just shutting down. Also a lethal injection is a lot more humane and less bloody. I’m not in the woods and she can’t go on any longer because she has broken legs or something.

Man, that sucks. Seeing something die before your eyes is bad enough. It’s even worse when you know that you were responsible for it’s dying in the first place. I hope your dog dies in peace.

Charl, for fuck sake. There are some things you just don’t joke about ok?

Meh, I know Charl well enough. I was expecting him to say something like that actually. I’m surprised nobody mentioned they though that the thead was about hating my dog or something when they read the topic.

That is what I thought.

I’d like to point out that snapping someones neck is very unbloody. One reason it’s used in the miltary so much as an infiltration technique - it’s quiet and clean.

Good luck with the whole dog thing, as much as I want too, I have never owned a pet.

I’m so sorry Frame… :hmm: I wish there were something I could do. Pets should live as long as we do… Or at least a lot longer. I hope she leaves in the most comfortable way possible. :too bad;

Well Frame, look at it this way… at least you can take away the doggy door so the raccoons won’t bug you.

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That’s just a military way to sacrifice beings near death that Charl pointed.