i honestly dont know where to put this

i got a few questions about females k tnx

After consulting Wikipedia on menstruation (don’t ask), I’ve developed quite a number of questions. I read it all, and gained a lot of info, but some questions still weren’t answered.

[li]Should a female be menstruating (having her period), what kind of changes in mood can occur? Sadness? Anger? Depression?
[/li][li]What is more comfortable to use? A tampon? Or a pad?
[/li][li]Can a tampon get stuck in there? If so, how can it be removed?
[/li][li]Wikipedia claims that a female can be on her period from as low as 2 days, to as high as 7 days. If it goes on for let’s say 1 or 8 days, is this abnormal?
[/li][li]What happens if said female has an orgasm while on her period?

And some other non-relevant questions on the topic of females.

[li]Which places on the female body feel best when touched/rubbed?
[/li][li]If the male body has mobility over the penis (able to move it without touching it) is there a similar spot on the female body?
[/li][li]Would the rubbing of the vagina while on a period be harmful/uncomfortable?

I know I’m asking questions that should not be answered or asked even, but I’d like the answers. :smiley:

Aw, did our widdle setz just hit puberty?


I forsee this thread getting closed veeeerrryyy quickly.

And jeez…ask that shit in your LJ.

This is horribly inappropiate, ask your mother.

EDIT: I’m completely serious with this post, ask your mother these questions. If anyone knows and will tell you with a straight face, he will.