I hereby relegate VH1 to the banality of MTV.

And this. Apparently this list is from <i>Blender</i> Magazine, a spinoff of Maxim which also apparently isn’t worth using to wipe your ass.


wanders off, humming “We Built This City”

What the heck do they think is so wrong with Broken Wings and You’re the Inspiration? Grr… I don’t see that godforsaken Shut up and sleep with me there!

Or Achey-Breaky Heart

This is a pretty pitiful worst songs ever list… They hardly have any bad songs on it whatsoever…

Achy Breaky Heart is #2.

And you guys suck, VH1 rules. :frowning: I saw this show twice, and laughed lots. :frowning:

And it’s not the 50 “worst” songs, it’s the 50 most AWESOMELY BAD songs… so bad, that they’re AWESOME! Any song that’s actually shitty isn’t going to be on there, because it has no way of being AWESOME.



Its not the list of the worst songs. Its the list of the top-50-songs-that-the-stupid-comedians-we-hired-could-think-up-jokes-for list.

Hey SS, pull your head out of your ass when you talk out of it, it gets muffled.
Blender magazine is damn good reading material, and I really don’t know where you can draw the conclusion that it’s bad reading material.

Exactly thats how all their shows are.

I like broken wings, informer, i’m too sexy (How can you not love a corny song well only hearing a limited amount of times.), heart of rock n roll, we didn’t start the fire, can i touch you there, dont worry be happy. They seem to be forgetting about 7 songs off the list 0_o They should have a plain sucked it list, that first hanson song should be in top 10.

In their defense, “We Built This City” is one of the stupidest songs I think I’ve ever heard.

I kept hearing that Simon and Garfunkles “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was on this list, or at least they say so in their advertisements, but I’ve watched the whole show over a few sessions, and I haven’t seen it on there, or on that list. Which makes me wonder.

Anyway, VH1 beats the hell out of MTV any day. Seriously, the real world is ok, and the inferno is ok, but TRL is the bane of this society.

I dont even see how some of them can be so bad that it makes them awesome…there are some good songs on that list. Bastards.

seizures I had to sing that Bridge over troubled water song for chorus, didn’t get any better the 200th time of singing it either. I’d nominate a few other songs I had to sing, but luckily have been able to forget most of the details of the songs. Woo!

I think that’s why they’re awesomely bad. They’re good, but still horrible :stuck_out_tongue:

The point was that Bridge Over Troubled Water is an incredible song, and that it has no buisness on that list whatsoever…

Which is why it isn’t on that list. :stuck_out_tongue: And I dunno where you got that from the advertisment, I don’t remember seeing it at all. shrug

So who’s ready for I Love the 90’s? :smiley: Personally, I fucking HATED the 90’s, except for the video games. >> And since that decade had nothing on the 80’s, the show itself will probably not be nearly as good. But if by some stroke of luck and I’m incredibly rich by whatever day it’s on in July, I’m totally gonna get cable that month just to see it.

Whoa! Despite being a fan of VH1 (hey, I’m on its age range! :hahaha; ) I hated the 50 Bad Song List because I liked most of the songs in there. I thought, “maybe the current generation doesn’t get them”. Glad to see so many of you agree with me!

And as about the only person here to have actually lived thru all those decades in the VH1 specials, I can certainly say that: The 70’s sucked (except for its music, and Star Wars), the 80’s ruled, the 90’s were kinda bleh, and the judge is still out on the 00’s.

The 90’s were funny as hell, I can’t wait for the show.

Steve, a lot of those songs weren’t “bad” though. I mean lyricswise, rhythem-wise, musical-wise…like I just don’t get it. I Would Do Anything For Love comes to mind, I mean, what was so utterly horrible and distasteful about that song? As far as i know, it was the shit when it came out. Songs like that don’t belong there…

These songs are kinda like that movie, Starship troopers. Its so damn stupid and campy, that you can’t help but watch it. and when its over, you can’t get it out of your head