I haven't been around much for a while

But I am going to try to be around quite frequently these next few months. Hopefully things will happen.

Oh, hello Merlin! Can I call you Merl?


Welcome back my friend! To the show that never ends! somthing somthing somthing, come inside,come inside

Welcome Back Merly Werly

Merly! :smiley: ::dekar!::

hooray! :smiley:

Thank god! We were nothing without our defensor pacis. That WAS you, right?

Hi Merlin!

But…the Authoritie. :frowning:

: Mr Waving Smilie says ‘Down with the Emperor. Viva la Revolutioné!’

Hoorah! The authoratah is back!

Yay Merl!
Do I get any special treatment if I donate moneys?! :smiley:

Welcome back, Merl! I guess you have more time to post now? Cool!

And judging from your Avatar: Are you as psyched up over BATMAN BEGINS as I am?

-“I’m Batman.”

welcome back, even though i kinda dont know you…welcome back anyway.

Is new But welcome anyway! :cool:

Welcome back our glorious leader. :dancer:

But can you breathe in space?!

Respect his authoritah!

<i>Lancelot</i> is still one of the best damned books I’ve ever read (the few-page rant the author goes on is incredibly powerful, however much I dislike what he says). Recommend some more if you get the chance.

How about a deal? You finish Zelda, I’ll finish Secret of Mana.

Yeah, I hope things will happen too. :ulty:

Oh man.

Bennie Ben Ben Ben! Glad you could join us.