I HAVE to do this...

<center><img src=“http://img270.echo.cx/img270/7095/riv3vc.png”></center>

Man, you are one angsty looking prick. XD

Yeah man, that thread got closed before I got to post something funny like: “I am highly disappointed with your posting skills”

But I must say, he looks smarter then he actualy is

Hah. Man… the mohawk just doesn’t work for you, yo.

Nah, I’m shittin ya. Its all good, brudda.

Now if only we had a picture of Ramza to rag on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, Ramza is loveable, while Setz is just, well, I don’t know the word

A fucking dumbass?

AH! The hate…the hate, it burns!

Seriously…I mean, can’t we all be nice?

Whoa… Setz is intimidating looking, to say the least!

I wanted to post this in his thread that got closed, but then…well…it got closed.

wb yosh :DDD

I couldn’t look that pissed off if I tried. all the ganja I have smoked through the years has given me permagrin. Setz looks like a kid I used to kick it with in school. right down to the dyed black mohawk. and the kid I’m talking about also always looked pissed.

I think the mohawk works for him. goes well with his pissed off looking face. I had a mohawk, but I looked goofy as hell with it (plus it was about 8 and a half inches long and dreadlocked).

oooh, you touched at breast. good job. man, when I was your age, I had already sucked like 25 tits. Not including my mothers, and not including your mothers either.

And they were all qaulity boobs too. No she-men or anything, they were nice, succulents sweater melons.

I don’t understand the modern mohawk. It’s like the 'hawk from back in the day that forgot to take it’s blue pill.

With no fashion sense and a ‘LiveJournal Face’, you fit it though.

Um, guys, I think that appropiate action has already been taken. Besides, isn’t making threads for dumping on other members against the rules? Chill out before the Mods get pissed. :noway:

Probably a wee late for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Why are mohawks ugly?

Rule 13. Do you fuckers not understand it? I’m guessing you don’t. This thread is the PERFECT example of it.

God. You people are such assholes.