I have to ask about RPGC

*Since when was it online?

*When did I start visiting? Under this nick? I stopped counting after 3 years.

*… where’s dat SoM shrine >>;

You should read the Site History on the Main Page.


I’m mentioned on pages 4, 5 and 6. 8P

The history page states that the site was founded in or before 1997.

It kind of sucks, I’ve been here longer than most and I’m not mentioned anywhere :frowning:

Make a Shrine and you will be mentioned.

If it was updated I’d be mentioned twice! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The Site History is actually really interesting. That, or Merlin does a good job of dressing it up :stuck_out_tongue:

RPT is making the only shrine I’d ever be motivated to make =P

I know the feeling.

RPGC has officially existed as RPGC since around the first half of 1997. I remember it was formed some time between the Spring Break and Summer of my last year in middle school, which was 1997. Early in the summer, Flare101 and I decided to join forces and combine our shrines in a format similar to RPGC called AtmaGames, which had done so just a couple months prior to us. However, the community dates back to 1996, with the original FF5 Shrine, though I am positive RPGC was not “incorporated” until early 1997.

HOLY FUCK!!! Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in years. I liked AtmaGames.

now that was a good read… A real epic

“RPGC” came fairly late. RPGC came around in like 98/99. FF5 was a shrine that was a part of the site along with a couple of others. For many years it was just a fan sort of site.

Thats not true at all. Rast made the FF5 shrine and then formed RPGC - not the other way around.

Page 2-3 is kind of interesting, because that’s where we steal the site from Jimbo. The rest of it after is not that interesting though, do you realize there are only about 5 ways to say that ____ joined the site with ____ shrine?

Just you wait until if I ever get most of my site work done. Then I plan on embarking on two sagas. The Coders Trilogy (aka, the best action trilogy ever written); and the 26-part End of RPGC depression-fest!

You better write Coders sometime soon, Merl. We’ve been waiting for at least some part of it ever since 2002 or whenever.

I didn’t say RPGC was formed and then the FF5 Shrine. The FF5 shrine had more of a fan thing to it than it does now.