I have switched sides

A force has ruled the world – the force of capitalism. I have decided to join this force. There is no reason for me to be run over by it. I must join in order to prosper, at the expense of others of course. I’m now openly declaring that the future can be attained only by the forcible removal of all civilized working conditions. Let the working classes tremble at the capitalist rule. We Bourgeois have nothing to lose but our gold watches. We have a world to exploit.

Capitalists of all countries, advance!

you theiving capitalists will be overcome by the force of the communist masses. >:(

Workers of the world, unite!


you mean he’s kidding oh god my world has been plucked from under my feet

What seems to be wrong my capitalist friends?

Hey, you’re my best friend and I like you


No seriously, you are the gh3y

<3 BM1

Facism 4 life.

I hope it’s just an April Fool joke.
If not, you will be executed. Traitor!

Now that brazil’s communistic party is gaining stregth. I thought I could interest you for that, maybe. ;.; Let this fad of yours be over at the end of apr—I mean, this day! ;_;

As of today, I will no longer be represented by Yar Kramer. I will now be represented by a random catgirl, which I’ve named Muffin. ^^


the comedy never stops in rpgclassics

Aye-Aye! Doood!

There are no eyelashes. Therefore, it is a catman.

All right, YOU draw a picture of a catgirl in under 10 minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

3 min, several months ago. Doood!!

This thread needed another post in it, so here it is

i have nothing to add


Captain america is more american then superman

I’m going for a run, later dorks



(I know it’s a Zelda Chicken, But I couldn’t do a Prinny before the fun’s over)