I have seen the light. And it is sexy.

H.I.M. is Finnish?! O_o

Rammstein…lav. <3

Yes they are from Finland indeed. And Rammstein does rock.

I would Insert a Line from THUG2 about water from Story Mode. But I’ve forgoten it and returned the game.

Big Nutter
Shuffles along seat away from the person who had salad For Lunch…

yeah its depressing…but oh well ill give them a listen…didnt have the motivation cuz i cant bring myself to listen to things everyone lvoes…but ill give thme a listen

<a href=“http://www.crownrecord.co.jp/gackt.htm”><img src=“http://www.crownrecord.co.jp/gackt-a4.jpg” height=50% width=50%></img></a>

<3 <3 <3

Anyway… Gackt is pretty goddamned talented :stuck_out_tongue:

And HIM:
<a href=“http://www.heartagram.com/”><img src=“http://www.heartagram.com/img/fp.jpg” height=50% width=50%></img></a>

And one more thing:
<a href=“http://www.d-a-i.com/”><img src=“http://petitmax.hp.infoseek.co.jp/burning/wall/works/dai01-1024.jpg” height=60% width=60%></img></a>

Exactly Pierson. Exactly.

<3 Rammstein

HIM is alright. But my favorite “international” band is Turbonegro, who are from Norway. Think of the trashy glam rock aesthetic, punk speed and attitude, and a dash of homosexuality. Their best songs are probably “Age of Pamparius”, “Denim Demon”, and “Sailorman”. The Age of Pamparius is used for the intro to Wildboys apparently.

dude, fuck mizer, the misfits are where its at.


I went to the www.misfits.com website and listened to some of the mp3s and the best I felt was “meh, sounds ok”… I dont see where this is better than Malice Mizer, but to each his own I guess.

Dude. That’s post-Danzig Misfits. Not worth a listen to.

Yeah, pretty much. Their music doesn’t have the greaser rock feel anymore. And the singing is sub-par at best.

now the topic is being broadened…afi…yeah…i think they rock cuz they went from being straight punk to, pnk with a lil hint of goth rock over ten years every album has been different from the one before and they have all been pretty darn good

From what I’ve heard from AFI, I really don’t like it at all. It’s really not my style, but again to each his own.

Yeah, Malize Mizer does kick ass.

Shit yeah.
AFI too =o
I have every one of their albums, and two EPs (A Fire Inside and All Hallow’s EP) :smiley:

the misfits broke up in like 1980 or something, the currrent “version” of them sucks. download the songs “last caress” and “bullet” and you can thank me later.