I have seen the light. And it is sexy.

So my girlfriend Yuki introduced me to somthing cool… And it’s called Malice Mizer. They (to me) are like a hint of elegance, splashed with a dark castlevania sound, and a great japanese voice. Personally, one of the big reasons I like them is due to NOT understanding the lyrics. I’ve grown to hate alot of english music because the lyrics drown out the good melody… And Malice Mizer fixes that (for me). Gackt’s voice is mysterious and sexy, coming off as just another part of the music and not “some guy saying stuff” like alot of music is becoming.

I also think Mana is by far the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen.

Only problem is… Mana is a dude.

That is all, I just wanted to share my newfound love.

J-Rock is a bunch of prettyboys without much of musical talent parading around in different costumes.

Hell, Guitar Wolf has better musical talents than they do.

Sounds like a castlevania soundtrack to me, I dont care, I like it.

Which Castlevania? The first ones or the later ones?

You should hear X Japan. They’re really the most influential Japanese band ever. Their music isn’t exactly Castlevania-esque, but it’s uniquely phenomenal. Diverse, as well: from hard metal, to orchestral, to love ballad. They also invented the androgynous look of modern J-Rock. The group’s worth looking into.

aahhh…Malice Mizer. ^^ Your g/f has good taste in music.
If you ever get the chance, check out Gackt’s solo stuff, too. It’s different from his Malice Mizer days, but good nonetheless.

And Iga…wouldn’t the same be said about AMERICAN pop music? ;p

But didnt Gackt go pop? I don’t like the steriotypical j-pop Ive heard… and she likes him still even though it may just be for his looks… I dunno. I’ll look into it as well as that “X Japan” group too.

Thanks Trillian


I don’t listen to Japanese music so I really wouldn’t know. The only intl. stuff I ever dig is either Rammstein or Tiesto/other Euro DJs.

Yes, so? I just don’t LISTEN to american pop music.

That picture had me going ‘oh shit japaemochick’ at first, too bad I had to correct myself with ‘oh shit japaemodude’

The look might be better on an actual chick, haven’t heard the music so I’m pretty neutral to the genre and only mildly hostile toward J-pop, but I blame Dark Sand and his fandom for that.

yay for rammstein…and i think half the reason most people listen to anything j-rock or pop or whatever here in america is cuz all japanese chicks sound hot…

Pierson gains 12 cool points.

Malice Mizer’s vocalists have all been males. And sounded like males.

In retrospect… I fucking hate most japanese female voices. All the way from music to anime, the dumb bitches sound way too younge for thier age. My girlfriend (whos an american japanese) says that in Japan thats how all the ladies are… Thus I’ll never go to japan because I’d want to punch little girls (30 year old women) in the throat every time they spoke.

malice mizer was pretty fucking rocking when gackt was their lead singer, but i dont know about either of them anymore. gackt’s solo stuff is worse than ozzy osbourne’s. and i wouldnt say they dont have musical talent… theres some intense baroque harpsichord shit in there, and gackt has quite a vocal talent as well. they keep goth classy over there.

You guys should listen to a Finnish band named H.I.M. They rock.

I have not seen the light, so I don’t know if it’s sexy! :slight_smile:

h.i.m. as in the one all the lil kids are obssesed over cuz of bam margera? ive heard good things of them…

Yep…same guy. Shame the little kids are wanting to listen to him only b/c of Bam. That’s America for you.