I have returned.

I’m back from vacation. I was going to post a “I’ll be gone for awhile thread” but my vactaion started sooner than planned. Did I miss anything? How was everyone’s holiday?

Nothing much, just Ragnarok.

Hi comrade.
Как дела? (how are you?)

Not much… I was wondering where you’d gone.

I’m in a good mood. For a change.

Welcome back, comrad; I hope your vacationing was filled with revolution.


Ice Cubes!!!

WB, Comrade Nagumo. Laosian 25th anniversary of communism parade to honor your safe return.

Welcome back, Kami. Hope you enjoyed my use of your character as a major villain in the RPGC Xmas story! :wave:

I did, thank you.

I might as well say this now, since there is no better time.

I love everyone here.

Nagumo, you’ve returned. glomp I missed you very much my communist friend.

I feel loved! Good to see you again.

Huzzah, I though you had crashed into a US battleship

I too, have been looking for you, precious.

I did.

Not that i noticed you were gone, but welcome back.

Awww. Spread the lav. Have a good time comrade?

My holiday gift:

I would have another cool communist picture, but it was made for two years ago, or one and a half at least, and is too large for free hosting. I may post it later. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Welcome back Addy N. Are you surprised I’m still posting?
And mine was fine, thank you.

I love it, thanks.

Yes, thanks.

Hey man- where’d you go on vacation?