I have returned alive from the trenches.


I haven’t seen you since…I first started coming to RPGC. O_O

Welcome home, Mabat. It’s good to see you again. 8)

I don’t need your approval to be witty. I’m just sick of hearing about your kiddie love relationship with Jenna while having her photoshop effect-tinted ass plastered all over your avatars. As char said, no one’s impressed, and in fact very few of us give a shit. Now, if you had someone COOL in your avatar, like Tuxedo Mask, then I could be your buddy.

Welcome back Mab! :smiley:

Anti air, huh? Now I must remember not to illegally fly planes over finland… Not that I usually do that of course… << >>

Eh, could you, y’know, possibly ignore some things? That’s what you should try. It really fucking works. I’ve been doing it the past few days in the chat, and I couldn’t be happier.

Edit: I don’t see anything photoshopped about it except the fact that I had to resize it for my avatar.

Mabatsekker, you are my favorate Northern European

Yes, welcome back, Mabat.

I took care of your things while you were gone. No need to worry about them.


Did I mention I love you?

Oh, yeah, and…


I prefer women. But men can love me aswell.

Oh, yeah, and…



Only reason for that is saying that you prefer CoH…what server you be on, foo?

and you DON’T want to know how he got the nickname Spade. Oh ho ho ho, you definitely don’t.

It involves a shovel, spandex tights, and a photo of Bea Arthur

anyway, welcome back, I can only imagine that you are now a minister of death, praying for war.

Dude, that was Him, not Maba.

Welcome back catgirlboythingguy