I have returned alive from the trenches.

Yo. The obligatory finnish military experience has ended for me. 180 days of sweat, tears and hard work has finally paid off. I started out as a rookie like everyone else and became a (Anti-Air) Gunner. (Due to me being in a regiment dedicated to Anti-Air in hyrylä…) My specialization choices were either service & maintenance or medic. I ended up in the former, into a Soldier Cook. (Nicknamed: Spade.) After about 51 days in the field and the other 129 equally tough days in the grounds of Hyrylä, it’s finally over.

I learned a soldier’s basic skills, obedience, how to handle a rifle, grenade, bazooka, lost 13kg there and improved my physical fitness quite a lot.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with what happened. It still was half a year away from the things I really like… Like you loonatics. It’s good to be back!


What’s happened here? Mind telling me the juicy tidbits?

Starting next week (maybe), I’ll be translating my diary (all 180 days… minus leaves… maybe) onto my website… stay tuned!

Welcome back, o seasoned veteran.

Who are you again?

YES! I’m the first one to do the who “acting like I dont remember somone after they’ve been gone for a while, thing”

Atleast my “acting like I dont remember somone after they’ve been gone for a while, thing” is real. Yet, I don’t know who most of the people I see posting are.

wb mabat

Welcome back comrade. :wave:

wb my bat seeker in da force gettin’ CRUNK!!!

  • Sin basically packed his bags and left
  • Steve has a pretend girlfriend
  • We seem to have adopted a new weekly avatar theme event, currently Sailor Moon
  • The Starcraft gang has been SCing it up lately
  • WoW is a huge hit
  • London was bombed
  • I’m getting back into art thanks to some awesome tutorials you should check out in the Media Forums
  • Some members silently left, some joined. Such is the constant ebb and flow of forumism.
  • Speaking of which, there was an inert members purge

Other than that, we’re all pretty mellowed out as usual.

Edit: Oh yeah DG like, SOLD his COLLECTION. that was quite an event.

Hey Mabatsekker, welcome back from basic training. You didn’t miss much, except Homestead trying a second invansion on RPGC…but he was deleted by Merlin. Glad to see you are alive buddy, but now you need to get working on new artwork. :stuck_out_tongue:

WELCOME BACK, MABAT!!! :biggrin:

Good to see you not only survived the experience, but learned from it. We missed ya, Blue Freak. :slight_smile:

Make sure MY Catgirl has red hair, green eyes and a figure that won’t quit! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks at Mab’s title Man, but I started an Internet Meme, didn’t I? Haw haw!

:fungah: -He’s a Moron, that Wilfredo…

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Drop down and give me fifty-five, private!’

Not everything, Hades… most of the Square Stuff, and some misc… out of 230 soundtracks, I’ve about 100 now(Gained a few from trades with various sellers).

Onto the topic at hand <.<

WB Mabat =D Good to see you’re doing well and all :slight_smile:

Welcome back.

Hey there Mabat.

Good to see that you came back safely.

Yay, it teh Maba! :smiley:

Nice to have you back.

Another addition to what went on, Hades still seems to consider himself witty.

Spade…heh…that’s a cool nick. Welcome back, Maba. :smiley:

Tell me, do you know who I am? :ah-ha!:

Mine Has Blue Hair, Green eyes and a figure you can’t just stop oogling at. If I just wanted to draw her next incarnation like that.

Can I get a copy of that order on paper so I can bust Mr. Waving Smilie for breaking the law, as Mr. Waving Smilie obviously doesn’t do those push-ups himself? (Over here, if your superiors don’t do those ‘punishments’ themselves, it’s a violation of quite a few rules…)

  • … Just like that?
  • Where’s my Catgirl Avatar millenium?
  • I prefer City of Heroes
  • So I heard.
  • We’ll see about that. After all, my room was full of people who mainly wanted me to draw… well, to quote Leisure Suit Larry: "Art Schmart, look at those gazangas!

… Spade… the icon of the factory that produces our … Field Cooker mark 29 and mark 85… And so it became our ‘codename’ as well.

Welcome back.