I have no words for this

Wow. I’m stunned. There really are no words for this.

EDIT: I guess “Tasteless” would fit.

I can find plenty of words. Just no reasons.
Or, rather, no good ones.

That’s just fucking disgusting.

I still can’t believe he was found not guilty. Well, I can, but I can’t.

I see your link and raise you Juiced.

HAHAHHAHAHAH!!! THAT’S FUCKING HILARIOUS!!! “If I Did It, Here’s How It Happened” … oh man, you can’t make that stuff up!

How very…odd.

This only gets better.

At least any money from it will hopefully go to the victims’ families…kind of a sick way to pay though.

It’s only natural that he’s doing such a thing. He’s being paid a few millions for some book he wrote about the case. And the media loves cases like this because it makes people go after the media to stay tuned, as you guys are doing - which in turn generates revenue for said media.

If nobody gave him the attention he’s whoring for, he wouldn’t be milking money out of the tragedy. And his wife’s friend’s sister would have a little more peace.

Nope. He earmarked his original book deal (and TV deal?) to pay off mortgages on a Florida home and Caribbean home. That makes the money untouchable.

I do:


Seriously…look at the other crap he’s done lately, it’s ridiculous.

Coming soon: Bill Clinton’s book If We Did It Here’s How It Happened.

Sad. The things people do to stay known when their time has long passed.

I can’t believe he’s actually writing that. We were just talking about the murder case a few weeks ago in school too. >_>


You have more faith in humanity than you think if this still surprises you Sin.

You should’ve made it size 7, not 4. Of course there’ll be a book about how he would’ve done it had he done it, not only will it make him and others money, but it’ll keep the cameras at him a few years longer, which is exactly what he wants. What’s truely sad isn’t that it’s being written, it’s that people will actually buy and read it or at least tell everyone that they have.

That’s what his friends said about him.

I’m surprised anyone would claim to be a friend of Mr. Simpson.
Only slightly surprised, though, given the financial sucess of this attention whoring campaign.