I have ideas for manga series, but can't draw worth beans, anyone interested?

Hi there guys,

I have an idea about a manga series mocking both other anime series, and horror movies, ala Scary Movie series. I have one scene in which a babe runs from the killer, dressed in a Japanese mask, and into the street, where a truck – driven by puppet turkey’s, is coming her way. She holds up her hands, and pleads for them to stop, but instead, they hit her, knocking her into the sky.

Another scene, has the killer looking for a victim while in the park. While there he gets bit in the gonads by a very hungry squirell, animal version, that is.

I have other ideas, but just print on the thread what you think. I’m not on line all the time, so I’ll respond to you in time.

Excel Saga + Scary Movie? O_o

I’d just sticl with ES thank yous very much.

Sounds none too funny at the moment…

Even if I could draw, I wouldn’t want to draw that. I hope it gets more intelligent.

No offense to you, by the way. Just the idea.

No problem, i don’t insult very easy.

I know this is old but i couldn’t resist,i can draw Ziggy come on.^_ ^

I do not think anyone who has seriously undertaken the massive project of drawing even a short manga will respond positively to this. It’s just way too much work :stuck_out_tongue: The most important element of a manga is basically the detail and action implications of every single panel. Each page takes a lot of work, and even like a 30-page manga is a huge project.