I have game ideas! :D

Okay, here’s an idea for a multiplayer game, for those of you who liked the highway chase scenes in The Matrix Reloaded and FF7:Advent Children. Basically, you’d have/desgn a vehicle, and then one ranged weapon and one melee weapon. Then you’d ride around on this closed track (or not, depending on the level), and basically try to kill each other. Probably be like every other multiplayer deathmatch game in existence, except going really fast. Uh, any thoughts on how this might work? Feasability?

Interstate '82.

Carmageddon Multiplayer.

Mario Kart Battle Mode.

Twisted Metal?

Destruction Derby?

To a lesser extent: Vigilante 8 and Rogue Trip.

Oh man, i miss I76 sooooo much :frowning: I loved that game. I wish i could get it to run on XP.

Seriously, was it just me, or was that game REALLY good? Fun gameplay, customization, cool story, and interesting characters…man Interstate 76 needs a rerelease.

That’s what I was gonna say :x

I meant motorcycles specifically, but, okay. How many of those are for PC? :x