I have died and respawned in heaven ^^ SAINT SEIYA being aired once again!


On August 30th, it’ll start being aired in US as part of the Adult Swim Action Block. Kor, I know you’re readig this by now, it’ll start being aired here in the South one day later. I wish SE were here to read it too.

They changed the name of the series in the English translation to Knights of the Zodiac to match other translations. In other sites I found out that they remastered, did some image improvements here and there etc. If some of you’ve seen the latest OVA, you’ll see it’s way better than when it was launched 17 years ago.

In a yahoo message group someone said they did minor changes to the plot as well. I hope they’re just adjusting it to match the mangas.

I think they’ll change the English dubs to match other translations. In every country where it was aired the translations followed the same terms, with the excpetion of the american one. In English they called the Great Master of the Sanctuary “Pope”, the armors were called “clothes” and the knights were called “saints”. I dunno about the pope stuff, and in japanese they do say “armor” and not “cloth”. As for all the saint stuff, in japanese they were called “sainto”, but it didn’t mean “saint” like we know it here in the western part of the globe. It’s more like the shin in kenshin.

Woo, I can’t believe they’re airing it again! And in the japanese version, they do say kurosu (cloth), but it means armor, just like “saint” is more like a warrior’s title in the series. The “pope” thing is kinda funny, though…

They made a new soundtrack too, and Angra is part of it :yipee: :ah-ha!:

When SS was first aired, it made so much success that it can only be compared to Pokémon or Evangelion in terms of popularity. Just go on Google and search for ‘Saint Seiya’, ‘Caballeros del Zodiaco’ or ‘Cavaleiros do Zodíaco’.

In all languages I speak I got 136,810 results in Google. Evangelion gives 200,000 results, but it is quite more recent and widespread.

It’ll (re)debut on August 30th. For those who are gonna watch it, let me know what you think about it. I’ve watched the whole series some three times and I would still watch it a hundred times if I could ^^

Gah! Nice news!

Now i can watch it again…and relearn all the things i forgot.

But first…i need to get Cable…(In this country you must pay to get Cartoon Network)

Heh. I happen to be part of the ORIGINAL group of fans from when Saint Seiya first premiered (in Japan). In fact, one of my pen pals ( Patricia Munson-Siter) wrote a fan-made guide with info taken directly from the mangas, as well as the show and the OVAs. While the show suffered from DBZitis (too many repetitive fights and cliches- dammit, how many times were the Saints going to run up stairs??) I loved the originality of the Saints idea and their use of mythological references.

BTW, yes, terms like Cloth, Saint and Pope are indeed from the original. The terms are taken from their ORIGINAL meaning (In greek). For example, in ancient greece, “Saints” where the chosen champions of a given god; therefore, when Christianity took over from the old religions, they adapted the old terms for their own use, and “Saint” became a word associated only with Christianity.

I remember when they sold action figures. I had Shiryu, Hyoga, Ikki, Io, that Sea Horse guy, Poseidon, Fenri, that Zeta guy, Dhoko, Saga and Kamus ^^

Edit: check this out, they have their own sprites now: http://www.progettocdz.net/

Sorry but I had to finally let it out somewhere…


Now I can read the Saint Seiya/Knights of the Zodiac manga in eng…I read it in Jap…not too much fun. :slight_smile: <^^> :yipee:

Sorry but I had to finally let it out somewhere…


Now I can read the Saint Seiya/Knights of the Zodiac manga in eng…I read it in Jap…not too much fun. :slight_smile: <^^> :yipee:

I just saw the first episode. Seiya looks alot like Ryo from Ronin Warriors, were they made by the same guy?

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<br><br><a href=“http://quizilla.com/users/DarkCid/quizzes/“Which%20Kingdom%20Hearts%20Character%20Are%20You%3F”/”> <font size="-1">“Which Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?”</font></a><BR> <font size="-3">brought to you by <a href=“http://quizilla.com”>Quizilla</a></font>

The style looks the same, but they weren’t made by the same studio. When Saint Seiya was aired more than a decade ago, it caused a ‘men in armor’ anime craze, that lead many companies into making animes and mangás where the heroes and villains would each have their own custom armor. That’s the origin of animes like Heavenly Warrior Shurato, Ronin Warriors and some others.


It was great. I mean, the intro was horrible but for the most part, it was great. just as I remember it…I can’t wait for Seiya Vs. Shiryu…Dragon Shiryu is my favorite character…he’s the best.