I have an interview at a prestigious culinary school

I am going to an interview today to learn more about the Art Institute of Colorado and its Culinary Arts Program. If I like what they have to offer, then I’ll be one step closer to becoming a culinary master. My goal is to work on a cruise ship and travel the world.


I use to be in a culinary class. The people were a bunch of asses. My only friends in it were two capitalists and a Nazi. That’s right he was a Nazi, but he was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

Ah, good show. I have never heard of this school, but I am sure that it is lovely. I love to cook (mostly classical French and Italian cuisine), but I think that it would be best kept for me as a hobby. I have other career plans, and although it would be wonderful to go a culinary school, I should not want to be a cook.

As far as job skills, restaraunt work is about all I know how to do. So I figure why not master it and make a career out of it.

Art Instutute has 47 campuses around America, and not all of them offer a culinary program. Hopefully, Financial Aide will help pay for it. I’ve heard it’s kinda pricey.

They do have a restaraunt inside the school, which seems cool.

I like romantic dinners, long walks on the beach, and watching the sunset with that special someone. One day I hope to pursue my dreams of owning a monster truck and working to save endangered species of wildlife in the Colombian rainforests.

Send me an email if you’re interested :slight_smile:

A friend of mine is going to Le Courdeon Bleu next fall.

So yeah, good luck.

That wasn’t chicken you just ate.

Good career choice. And a good way to impress women.

Pardon monsieur, mais c’est Le Cordon Bleu. Excellent school! Oui monsieur.

Very admirable passetime. I would like to be an expert chef, but so far my specialty is an omelette. Oh yah, and cranberry muffins :wink:

Well, yeah, if they didn’t have a restaurant, that would be pretty worrisome.

Zeppelin: Saving rainforests in a monster truck sounds awesome

So, zepp, do you drive your monster truck on the way to save the endangered species? :smiley: If so, we’ll see!

On topic, congratulations - i hope everything goes well for you.

You should statehop one state down and come to Arizona. The Scottsdale Culinary Institute is world renowned (literally the 2nd or 3rd best cooking school in the world!). Chefs from Europe and Asia come here to cook with 20 year old kids and learn at this school…its THAT good.

The admissions guy really liked my attitude and my work experience. I will more than definitely need financial aide if I am accepted. The tuition for the AAS in culinary arts program is $40,000. Also take into account a $2,100 lab fee for the entire course, $665/month rent in a furnished apartment for 77 months-utilities included, a $175 photo lab fee for the course, and book costs, plus another $1000 for utensils and chef clothes. Sooo I’m looking at a hefty student loan. But not only is there financial aide, but there is also part-time work oppurtunities.

but yeah, it’s pricey. I’ve never seen this kind of money in my life. The good thing is, though, despite my not so good credit, with a co-signer and the right grants and loans, I could cut the costs in half. And have my own spot again(which means no more not being involved with girls cause I live with mom).

Thanks to all who wished me well. I will probably start schooling this summer.

This thread makes me hungry.

I just had some pizza and I feel great.

that’s relevant, right?