I have an idea for a fanfic...

I’ll post exactly what the story’ll be when I think up all the details, but I’m thinking of writing a sort of adventure fanfic not quite unlike those that d Galloway writes.(just same style, not same characters or anything)

Anyway, I wanted to put a few RPGC people in it, but I’d need to know if anyone’s interested, and I also need to know a bit about the people who wanna be in it, so everyone is more or less in-character during the story.

If you’re interested, just give a basic description of your personality, what weapons/abilities you use, what you look like, and feel free to add more.

I’m kinda hoping this’ll get off the ground, but if it doesn’t, well, I tried.

Man, am I THAT popular?


Yay! Only eight more and I go up to “inferiority complex”!

You know I’M in, Zhou. I shouldn;t even need to post.
It’s 1 AM Eastern at the moment, so I’m too tired to write a bio. I’ll do one tommorow.

Heh… I jump in and join just about every such opening, it seems… But, I think its only a bad thing if people start hating me… well, more so then usual.

I already have an origin story in the works, and here is what I wrote down for Orakio’s contest, edited of course.

A greedy, daring, chaotic theif with way too much bravado. He can be a little manipulative and conniving as well. While others use magic, he seeks technological answers (not always acquired honestly). He mainly prefers stealth and avoiding fights, but when push comes to shove, he is ready to punish anyone nosy enough to look for him.

His arsenal consists of dual wielded pistols (his primary weapon), a sniper rifle, an array of grenades, and nanomachine enhanced blade known as the Dragon Tooth Sword (think dully glowing blue lightsaber). When in a pinch, he does have his home brand of martial arts to fall back on. When things get really bad, he gambles with Heaven’s Sniper, a powerful yet unpredictable orbital satillite.

You need anymore, or did I flaunt my ego enough already?

Ditto to Glenton’s first sentence. This could be… interesting… Count me in if you like.

A quiet guy, he doesn’t talk much except when spoken to, or when he feels someone is about to get something wrong. He doesn’t go looking for trouble, but will defend his friends and allies to the death, preferably the deaths of the guys attacking them.

He generally uses a ancient-looking and helluva-sharp scythe in combat, although at a pinch he has a single pistol he can draw out for long-range combat. He doesn’t have any special abilities, so when magic etc flies he tends to dodge and try to get in close with his scythe before he gets wasted.

Appearance; brown hair, grey eyes, about 5’ 9" in height, 17 years. Standard loner complex.:fungah:

May I partake in this fanfiction? 8)

Anyway, I could be described as a kind young man that strays away from the spotlight. Doesn’t have many friends, but is a pretty good guy when you get to know him. Dresses in full cowboy regalia and wields a Dirty Harry style magnum.

Dalton is seeking acceptance in this world. He just wants a place to call home, where he can work hard and help as many people as possible out to boost his poor self image.

Could I be in it?

I guess I’d be a mallet weilding and giving 17-year old, who wants to go on an adventure, but is too timid to, and must be forced into it or accidentally gets involved. No long-range weapon, but if the mallet is taken away, elbows can be used. Trys to make friends, but is too shy to actually try. Likes to read. Trys to crack jokes, but is rarely successful.

If you need any more information, feel free to ask.

Oh, and Galloway, you’re one of the reasons I registered in the first place.

Originally posted by Sapphire Falcon
Oh, and Galloway, you’re one of the reasons I registered in the first place.


Yes! Almost there!

Anyway, I guess I’ll try this. Let’s see…

Galloway is a short swordsman who, remarkably, rarely uses a sword. He tends to rush into things way too quickly, and gets burned almost immediately. He’s very shy, and has little to no social interaction, which means almost no friends. He enjoys eating, writing, and fighting.

His weapon, as stated before, is a sword; a katana, to be more exact. However, in most cases, he uses his fists to do the dirty work. He has two techniques he uses often: first is the Gallo-beam, which is a beam of pure energy, and second is the Kaioken, which was learned from DBZ and basically multiplies his strength for a few seconds. He wears simple steel armor in battle, and always has shades on, even when he’s sleeping (just cause they’re cool).

Stare at the crappiness of that bio and laugh.

Here’s mine :

Chris is one of the final members of a race that can become dragons, named the brood, he is one of the 3 kaisers of his generation. Chris has only known a few of his family, his foster father, a farmer was killed in the first attempt to kill him by a dark kaiser warlord, Jade. Chris went on to become the most powerful brood in many ways and kill Jade.

After his journey, he went on master magic, forge a powerful dragon sword, go on many adventures and aid the hero, Galloway, in his defeat of Naar.

Alright…once a few more people join or I think up the entire story(whatever happens first), I’ll start writing/typing/whatever you call it.

What’s it gonna by about anyway?

I wish to point out that I have started writing this, and that the first part is already finished.

Here’s a brief bio.

GG Crono (GG to his friends) can best be thought of as a wandering adventurer. With his custum-made, magic-imfused katana Starcleaver and a magic "Bag’ that he “borrowed” from a random RPG hero, GG goes wherever the road takes him always looking for adventure and helping those in need. Is quick-witted and fiercly loyal to his friends, and can be somewhat of a wiseass at times.
Loves pizza and hates puns.

Is it too late to join? If not, here’s a brife bio…

Chris-chris, though so young, had many great adventures in her life. She’s met great people a had planty of fun. After finding her past, she now rests easily until awaiting for any job to do. She has a chipper attitude and tries to stay cheerful all the time. Half human and half dragon, she wanders around half of the time just doing whatever. Chris-chris uses her dragon sword or dragon abilities in battle, though, still has her human abilities.

that okay? Or do i need to change anything?

A mute with a heart of gold. A simpleton who will do anything at least twice, no matter the cost. A buffoon who has dedicated his life to spreading laughter throughout the world at his own expense. He is average looking with brown hair and green eyes and resembles Squall from FF8. His profession is a bard who travels around with his instrument, none other than the tuba. He has been described as being similiar to Harpo from the Marx brothers. Apparently he enjoys talking about himself in the third person. His weapon of choice is his tuba, Hades. Yes, he is stupid enough to name his tuba.

Originally posted by Lord Zhou Yu
I wish to point out that I have started writing this, and that the first part is already finished.

Ooh! Postpostpost!

I have posted it already, it is called Transrealm, and it is in a thread of the same name.

Even though most of you figured this out already.

It never hurts to state the obvious.:hahaha;