I have a word of Caution.

If you can drive, when on the road, I strongly recommend you be the epitome of alertness.

For I now have my drivers licence :biggrin: Hoorah!

Congratulations, Trk. Be careful driving, K?

On slightly related news, since yesterday my country is suffering from a Trucker’s strike, resulting in gas stations getting no more gas, supermarkets getting no more food, etc. People are running around frantically buying as much gas as possible, and some stations are already out of it.

Isn’t there a federal law against people who provide a vital service from striking all at the same time?

Truckers aren’t considered to be part of that law, actually. Hence why the truckers union is so damned strong in the US/Puerto Rico.

Update: Strike’s over- or at least put on hold, while negotiations continue. Obviously, it was meant as a way to put pressure on the government.

My sister (a doctor) told me the strike was affecting hospitals too. Now THAT I find unacceptable. The laws need to be reviewed.

Or perhaps the truckers need to be treated better?

If you were a good driver and truly deserving of a driver’s liscense, TrkJac, you would not be warning us of this fact! >:O

Perhaps. But not at the expense of the public. Things like medical supplies should NEVER de disrupted due to a strike.

Oh, to compound things, there was also a rumor yesterday (false) that ATM machines were going to stop working, resulting in even more people dashing madly to get money out of them. I haven’t seen this frenzy around here since the last hurricane that hit us.


Inexperience is a reason of warning, like a “watch out for the new guy” thing.

Thank you, I’ll make sure to not visit California in the next eighty or so years.