FURRIES! Would you screw your household pet? NO, don’t give them human characteristics. You arent an animal either! Thats just sick!

Wanna be an animal? Lets treat you like one! Neuter or spay you, add anti-flea medication to the back of your neck, and then take away your claws!

Have you seen this crap? Just do a google search in the images section for “Furry” and you’ll see some of the most twisted sexually repressed crazy shit EVER drawn. Its rediculous!

You people make me sick.

Whee. How much fun. Flame war imminent.

is a furry, for the record

I also hate people who are obsessed with anime or gaming characters and also people who talk really loudly for no reason, but you don’t see me making threads about them


I would post a link to the most depraved shit you could ever see, stuff that makes furries look like Teletubbies, but I don’t want to hurt the innocent.

Wheee, let’s paint the furry subculture with a big brush! And while we’re at it, why not paint gamers with another big brush? After all, everybody knows that gamers are fat pimply-faced guys between the ages of 13 and 23 who think of nothing but gaming and couldn’t get laid if their life depended on it.

What’s that you say? ‘No, it isn’t true’? Gee, maybe I should have thought about it before I posted, eh?

Let’s get something straight - furrydom != bestiality. We furries do not want to screw our pets. Our kink is a bit… stranger than most peoples’, but do we think BDSM fans are freaks?

In closing (I apologise for incoherency but RAGE tends to have that effect on me), this is not Something Awful. If you want to bash furries, please go there. Thank you.

Do you? I’m quite interested to know. Really, I’m very curious. =P

Ok…what started this?

Actually, I don’t. I’m a firm believer in ‘Your kink may not be my kink, but I shall not condemn your kink unless children are involved’. :eek:

You’re just finding out about furries now?

Human + Animal = Freak of nature

Give it a wholesome story or whatever you still have a freak. Things that should never have sexual thoughts with them-

Gadget - Rescue Rangers
Anyone from the Lion King
Babs Bunny - Tiny Toons

Point being, art is art. Anthromorphic characters are good for games and tv shows. But sexual fantasies are slowly and steadily growing on these characters and even being defended!

Lets pretend for a moment that these characters are “real”. I dont know about you guys, but a human with a cat head and a furry body would scare the ever loving shit out of me.

Yeah, I’m close minded about this.

But heres the kicker, I’m going to use my art to make money off of you sickos. I’m going to draw this “kink” crap for all those deviant art furverts and make some bling off of other people’s twisted fantasies!

YES, you’ll see, I’m going to be rich.

Not only is that close minded, that’s also hypocritical.
I used to like you man, what happend. :frowning:

oh wow i hate cammy fan boys because they’re so wierd right i mean cammy wtf lol why are they so stupid and loud and always make stupid posts and sometimes even get banned from message boards for being so retarded i mean wtf shes not even that hot shes an animated character what kind of retard would get off to some chick who isn’t even real i mean what the hell is wrong with those kind of people ew.

Let the furries be. As long as they don’t try to convert me to furrydom, I don’t care what they do. Who I really hate are the neo-con fascists running this country into the goddamn ground.

<!-- any other explanation needed? -->

Furries are the product of Capitalism! They must be stoped.

well I don’t know, technically humans are animals too. But I’m not really into the whole furry thing… it’s too weird.

I hate it when morons move somewhere vaguely in the general direction of my opinions. I always feel bad about having them.

I think Izulde just wants to draw furry art but he feels guilty about it so he’s using this thread as some kind moral outrange/excuse/cover-up

I’ve naught but this to say.