i hate when this happens...

Yeah, it’s happened to me before. I was pulling my hair back and my mom comes in and flash. Took my picture. I wasn’t at all happy at her for that.

I do not get the reason why people are annoyed by such a thing. Surprise photos are fun even when you are the victim. At least I think so.

Nah. My mom always warns me before she takes a picture.

Originally posted by Lord Zhou Yu
whenever a picture of me is taken like that, i end up making some sort of face in the pic…

I don’t mind candid shots - I actually like them better than posed pictures since they’re more natural and seem to capture more of life. I didn’t really like having a camera flash in my eyes first thing in the morning or having evidence of sitting around in my pajamas with funky hair and glasses. lol.

how it happened:

-i’m looking at the forums.
-i hear footsteps.
-i turn.

Cameras, and the people equipped with them are evil: In the non-good way.

agreed. i never really liked getting my picture taken…